Calling Buaka
Maffers wrote
at 8:07 PM, Wednesday August 19, 2015 EDT
Yes please

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buaka wrote
at 9:13 PM, Monday August 24, 2015 EDT
Classic Runders.

Thinking over these ruddy car shoes. (MOK)
MrFoxy wrote
at 6:09 PM, Monday September 7, 2015 EDT
I can only think of Mull of Kintyre but can't make it work fully...

Ian off of Eastenders has been taking MDMA with that Jamaican fella. What's going on there, then? (B)
buaka wrote
at 9:44 AM, Tuesday September 15, 2015 EDT
Correct. (Mull of Kintyre (Mull over 'kin-tyres))

Clearly a reference to the A12's hottest hot spot (what is a hot spot not?);
Billericay (Beale err Eccy)
MrFoxy wrote
at 4:34 PM, Tuesday November 3, 2015 EST
lol at 'car shoes'

Billericay is not correct - band or an artist, bear in mind, and this one is a very cruel reintroduction to rockbusting.

Another one to keep us ticking over:
I left some squirrel's nest in the harbour. (DD)
buaka wrote
at 8:49 AM, Thursday November 5, 2015 EST
I think I've ruddy done it m8.
I left some squirrel's nest in the harbour. (DD)
Docktor Drey (Dr. Dre)

No chance on the B, I've rock busted all over it and I'm still less the wiser than before I even started to dungong.

Here's one to wrap your crochet stitches around;
I've spotted this fish but not the bee. (C)
MrFoxy wrote
at 12:42 PM, Friday November 20, 2015 EST
What's he done? He's docked a drey.

Ian off Eastenders taking MDMA with a Jamaican fella - it's Beale on da E. Bealonda-E. Blondie.

Giz a minute need to warm up by crochet hook to bust this C rock. Instinct is Carpenters but it isn't that.
MrFoxy wrote
at 1:00 PM, Friday November 20, 2015 EST
Forgot to reciprocate:
Rushing about like that'll earn you a big block of ice! (SG)
Does it smell of fish? Definitely! (SB)
The old geezer can walk by himself - it's the other one who you need to help. (GN)
buaka wrote
at 9:14 AM, Friday January 15, 2016 EST
Whaaat? These are impossible, what's wrong with you man?
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