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Posted By: kellykellymoore at 9:55 AM, Thursday June 10, 2010 EDT
First, I am a mod, and I am watching sketch every day, even if you don't see me. I read this every day, and get rid of or personally warn those who do wrong. I agree we need more because I am not a mod 24 hours a day. That has been taken care of, you just don't know it yet. =) If you need me, I am also at pokr. My email and my yahoo is on my profile. Contact me anytime. So many complaints about mods and yet I very rarely have anyone email me or IM me or come to pokr and get me. As for the symbol thing? NO symbols. This has always meant NO symbols. An apple is a symbol for A. It's against the rules to do that. If you use a $ sign for the word dollar, against the rules. If you use a $ sign for something like diamond ring? Along with a picture of that ring? Not so much of an issue. You drew the ring. They don't get it. You drew a hand. Still don't get it. Ok, maybe a dollar sign will help them to see it's a diamond. You're showing that it's expensive, not replacing the answer with a symbol. You guys can debate this till you turn blue. There's always gonna be questions as to what's a symbol and what's not. There are so many different ways to draw things, and most of you are so good that you don't need any type of symbols..the ppl drawing AND the guessers are all good here. Give them a chance to guess your draw first. As for the dashes and parenthesis, etc..they are not against the rules, however as I said before, the ppl here are good. Give then a chance to guess your draw before doin all that. It IS afterall, a drawing game, not a word game. Make the dashes after you draw, if no one is getting it. You'll find the game will get much more interesting. So...for the sake of less confusion, I am here by saying that hieroglyphics for letters are officially not allowed. How's that. Don't go nuts gettin mad if someone draws a + or = or something like that. It will take awhile, and no need to go warn crazy. Definitely warm on the hiero. though. OK? Hope this clears things up. Older players, help the new ones out. Hope you guys have fun...=)

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PM325 wrote
at 11:14 AM, Thursday June 10, 2010 EDT
I wanna back Kelly up on this clarification of the rules.

Symbols for your words are not allowed
-don't spell your word by drawing pictures for the letters (that is substituting symbols for letter, and neither are allowed) i.e. no hieroglyphics.
-don't draw a symbol that represents your entire word (instead of a dollar sign for dollar, draw some old dudes on a piece of paper, maybe an eagle with a quiver of arrows, or a pyramid with an eye atop it, you get the point)

Everyone I have talked to about the dashes and lines representing words and letters agrees that is MORE FUN to draw your word and have people guess it correctly than to draw a bunch of lines and have someone guess based on how many letters there are in the word.
-Dashes are NOT against the rules, but they do take away from the fun of gameplay.
-If they are used, they should be used as a last resort because your word is difficult and no one has guessed it, but ONLY after attempting to draw your word, not before.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing for everyone to do here is have fun. I love this game, and many others do too. By following the rules and suggestions above I promise we will all have more fun overall, even if we might miss a word or two on our turn to sketch.
Shockwavez wrote
at 12:19 PM, Thursday June 10, 2010 EDT
I think I am the main offender of this legislation.
xoxoxo pixie wrote
at 11:31 AM, Friday June 11, 2010 EDT
hey kelly i use to use symbols too but looking at your letter i have come to know that in this game we must *not* use symbols and i would like to say that Don't go nuts gettin mad if someone draws a + or = or something like that. It will take awhile, and no need to go warn crazy.
Gurgi wrote
at 6:50 PM, Sunday June 13, 2010 EDT
Kelly you gotta break that up into block paragraphs.

damn. . . .ill never get through that

Gurgi wrote
at 9:49 AM, Tuesday June 22, 2010 EDT
example of lame/#$%^& symbols

3 = e
! = i
"0" = o
5(or snake) = s

bad symbols are used to show one letter

-apple = a
-banana = b
. . . ect

- examples of okay symbols (okay = symbols i see frequently over a year

Ring = Ing

ions (+) (-) = ion

& = and . . . i think thats fine for salt "and" pepper but not like s"and"

a pile of logs = log

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