New Moderator PM325
Posted By: PM325 at 10:32 PM, Tuesday November 9, 2010 EST
Howdy Yall! I wanted to let everyone know I am now a moderator for the site, and am here for you all. Hopefully my capacity as a mod will be much the same as it was before. I enjoy explaining the game and its rules to the new players, I like to help people with ideas on what to sketch, and I like making friends here. I hope for the impossible, that no one will need to be banned, and will strive to keep as many people at the site, playing and having as much fun as possible.

I look forward to playing with all of you real soon.


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kellykellymoore wrote
at 11:54 AM, Thursday June 10, 2010 EDT
Glad to have you PM...=)
Dead as a Dodo wrote
at 1:02 PM, Thursday June 10, 2010 EDT
Good luck PM, I'm sure you will lead us well. Just don't let all the power go to your head!

Also keep an eye on a player called Clarinette, there's something odd about her.
purplechick wrote
at 1:34 PM, Thursday June 10, 2010 EDT
So glad to have you defending sketch-world, PM. Looking forward to a much more pleasant community with you watching out for us.

Sally.Bowles wrote
at 4:14 PM, Thursday June 10, 2010 EDT
Congrats to the best mod EVER!!! ;)
Gurgi wrote
at 2:18 PM, Sunday June 13, 2010 EDT
i demand a phone number PM

for other reasons . . . . . ;)

oh yeah im glad your a mod
jansen123 wrote
at 3:58 PM, Sunday June 20, 2010 EDT
congrats pm, i know its late, but well deserved, both your becoming mod and me writing this. congrats again. kisses xx
bhwrice wrote
at 7:55 AM, Wednesday July 21, 2010 EDT
congrats, now make sure you are around!
TheCinders wrote
at 12:04 AM, Friday July 23, 2010 EDT
Riiight awwn PM, you are the awesomest for the job. :D
Charmape wrote
at 6:14 PM, Wednesday October 6, 2010 EDT
africafreak67 wrote
at 8:31 PM, Monday February 7, 2011 EST
And ur a good moderator PM...we all LOVE you here...take care and do good for the site! Let the force be with u.... ;)
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