Some rules explained...READ THIS NOW! lol
Posted By: kellykellymoore at 11:43 AM, Thursday May 12, 2011 EDT
Hi, everyone! I have seen many discussions lately about the rules, and exactly what they are, above and beyond the basic ones that are posted. Most are common sense. Some are a little "sketchy" and might need some explaining. I'm going to paste an old discussion here as well as add a few new things to it.
Other than dealing with the trolls who come to the table just to be 12 yr old idiots, one of our main issues is what is allowed to be written on the board and what isn't. Here is a rundown on many of the things that I see people doing that really aren't supposed to happen.
Symbols for letters and words are not allowed. These can range from "hieroglyphics" (doing a little pic for each letter) to signs for an entire word. An apple is a symbol for A. It's against the rules to do that. Anything like that should be grounds for a warning. If you use a $ sign for the word dollar, against the rules. If you use a $ sign for something like diamond ring? Along with a picture of that ring? Not so much of an issue. You drew the ring. They don't get it. You drew a hand. Still don't get it. Ok, maybe a dollar sign will help them to see it's a diamond. You're showing that it's expensive, not replacing the answer with a symbol. There is also the "ment" and the "ion" for word endings. I have been guilty of using this myself. I think that if no one is getting your draw, or they are only half way comprehending it, perhaps use this as a last resort, NOT in the beginning or just because you can. There will always be the question as to what's a symbol and what's not. There are so many different ways to draw things, and most of you are so good that you don't need any type of symbols..the people drawing AND the guessers are all good here. Give them a chance to guess your draw first.
As for the dashes and parenthesis, etc..they are not against the rules, although perhaps they should be. For now, we will leave the rule that you may only write in the first letter of the first word. (The only reason this is allowed is because the hint button lets you do that anyway.) That having been said, as I said before, the people here are good. Give them a chance to guess your draw before writing in the blanks and dashes and brackets. It IS after all, a drawing game, not a word game. Make the dashes after you draw, if no one is getting it. You'll find the game will get much more interesting. I realize that there are some words that just seem to require using these techniques, but try and keep it to a minimum.
I'm sure I left something out, and everyone is welcome to comment, but please no huge arguments or really negative comments. There will never be 100% agreement on this, so the advisors and Ryan have to take the lead and let you know what's ok and what's not.
I would also ask that some of the more seasoned players try to help the new ones with this. Don't warn them out on their first draw, explain it to them, and give them a second chance. Maybe link this topic. Most of you are really good about helping the new ones already, and we appreciate that.

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Gurgi wrote
at 3:15 PM, Sunday May 15, 2011 EDT
Micayla Summers wrote
at 4:44 PM, Sunday July 10, 2011 EDT
Bozuit wrote
at 2:39 PM, Saturday August 6, 2011 EDT
It might be harder to follow some of these rules with only 60 seconds. Just saying.
Nemokhan wrote
at 4:40 PM, Saturday February 11, 2012 EST
You know KKM, while i agree with the fact that complete symbol substitutions (like # for number, or $ for dollar) are a problem, i don't think a picture of a mint for "ment" is a problem, or +- for "ion". They're not direct substitutions, they're just commonly recognized and easy to use.
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