XSketch User Guide (Tips and Tricks)
Posted By: Hero Of Time at 2:04 PM, Friday March 9, 2012 EST
There are many things people have figured out about the game that are known to regular players but perhaps not to newer ones.


Pluralisation is not necessary in the vast majority of cases.
The "s" at the end of the word is auto-filled in to you. "Cat" is perfectly fine for "Cats" and so on. This does not work for pluralisations that change the word though such as "copies" (the "ies" rather than "ys" ending)

When guessing it is not necessary to use spacing.
For example if you guess "dogtreat" rather than "dog treat" it will be accepted. Not using spacing improves your guess speed while giving a big advantage to those longer phrases (eg. thecowjumpedoverthemoon).

1 letter in 6 and 2 in 11 are allowed to be wrong and will be auto-corrected for you.
This is commonly used by regular players to draw something a bit more difficult. An example of this is someone drawing "lumber" when the word is "number". Quite handy in that situation seeing as numbers are not allowed. This can become more complex with some players, making their draws look like nonsense.
A tip here is to guess what you think it is even if, to you, it seems like absolute nonsense. It could come out as something completely different!
            Another helpful use of this is typing a word that will be correct for multiple words. For instance if I type "Curtain Rong" and the word is "Curtain Rings" or "Curtain Rod" it will auto-corrected and I will win that round. There is many combinations that will apply to a spectrum of answers, another very useful one is "climbeng" for "climber" and "climbing" (the "eng").

Look at players avatars.
Regular players will often incorporate peoples avatars into their drawings (birds, cats, sleep-deprived green dudes, penguins etc). Not saying every bird with be a certain avatar but just be aware that a drawing of a bird might have nothing to do with birds! (confusing I know but you will get the hang of it).

If you are typing an answer and you mid-type realise that it is something else, don't backspace what you have written.
Just hit enter and type out your new answer. This could shave off a second or so, which could be a valuable amount of time.

Some symbols that are allowed (re: RULES) are;
"sounds like" This represents an ear and may appear slightly differently from person to person. This symbol indicates "sounds like".

"(+ -)" Usually appearing at the end of a word this means "ion". May be used at the end of "mention" etc.

"~" This symbol may be drawn beside someone avatar to show that a guess they made is close to the right answer.

"On" This symbol means "on".

"Off" This symbol means "off".

"In" This symbol means "in".

"Lamp" This symbol means "out".

If you see what looks like a candy with a swirl in the middle showed at the end of a word it's usually a mint, indicating "ment".

General Tips:

You may mute another player at any point by typing "/mute playername". For example if you wished to mute me you would type "/mute Hero Of Time".

Some moving avatars (.gif) can be very annoying to people and in some circumstances may cause some lag issues. Some avatars might plain just annoy you. To block someone's avatar simply click it once!


Top 100 win white medal
Top 25 win blue medal
3rd wins the bronze medal
2nd wins silver medal
1st wins gold

A blue "+" indicates that member has been recognised as a valuable member of the community. The reason a player has been recognised appears at the top of their "reviews" page.

A blue circle with a star in the middle indicates that player is a member of the community. Membership costs a small amount of money and lets you start the month with 2,500 points. It is also a way to show your support of the site.

A gold star represents two things:
1- Donated 10 dollars to the site
2- Had a friend join the site using their referral link. (this also gives a boost of 250 points)

As you progress in rank you unlock new things. I have catalogued what you receive at each rank and it is detailed below.

  0- Blue and Black
  2- Orange
  4- New Pen Size
  8- New Pen Size
10- Teal
12- Red
14- Green
16- Purple
18- Yellow


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jansen123 wrote
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Very well done, good job.
jansen123 wrote
at 12:32 PM, Saturday November 12, 2011 EST
Excellent post, great job.
TayBren13 wrote
at 2:21 PM, Saturday November 12, 2011 EST
Well Done!
Caryn Murray wrote
at 2:21 PM, Saturday November 12, 2011 EST
Well done! Great formatting, easy-to-understand language and tone, and really drives the point(s) home. :) A+
senilefelines wrote
at 7:47 AM, Monday November 14, 2011 EST
I love you
senilefelines wrote
at 7:48 AM, Monday November 14, 2011 EST
Oops...did I type that out loud? :P

Great post Jim!
senilefelines wrote
at 7:48 AM, Monday November 14, 2011 EST
Oops...did I type that out loud? :P

Great post Jim!
Gurgi wrote
at 2:19 AM, Saturday December 31, 2011 EST
blulyt wrote
at 11:42 AM, Monday May 28, 2012 EDT
sure wish i would have had this when i was a newbie, great job
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