Marice wrote
at 11:55 PM, Tuesday October 22, 2013 EDT
Comments are frequently made in chat regarding words, the word list, suggesting words etc.

Ryan has fixed the suggest words function and adding and removing words is working.

Suggest away!!! If you see words that are spelled incorrectly or you just don't like them, comment here. If you have any opinions, comment here. If you have no opinions and just want to say something, comment here.

I can't guarantee we will remove them just because you don't like them, but we will consider all requests.

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greeen wrote
at 8:45 AM, Saturday November 2, 2013 EDT
please remove: my home is my castle :)
ItsAllAboutMe wrote
at 9:19 PM, Thursday November 7, 2013 EST
Not a fan of hello is anyone there, and aesthetic (nice word, just not for draws). I'll think of more, trust me.
ItsAllAboutMe wrote
at 1:54 PM, Sunday November 10, 2013 EST
Could we do like, I don't know, singular words only? I know this usually is not a problem because the game will accept "orphan" if the word is really "orphans" but I do not know if the game would accept "bedtime story" for the phrase "bedtime stories." Either way I feel like we should stick to singular words.

I can point some out if we decide that is a problem.
Marice wrote
at 3:50 PM, Sunday November 10, 2013 EST
Yes, Felix. I have been thinking that myself. Dog/dogs, cat/cats etc The game will accept it without the s if you guess in most cases. With other plurals that you change the y to ies though it doesn't. baby/babies. Both are in the game. I don't have an issue with both in this sense. Will be interested to know what others think, though I'm not keen on having plurals for every possible noun out there!
ItsAllAboutMe wrote
at 12:43 AM, Saturday November 16, 2013 EST
There are some double or very similar words in the game too for example think "the white house" and "white house" are both in the game as well as "tepee" and "tee pee."
brunettebarbie wrote
at 6:59 AM, Tuesday December 3, 2013 EST
"blue zombie" ?!?

why on earth?
brunettebarbie wrote
at 11:57 PM, Monday December 9, 2013 EST
"daisy duke"

is she that well known?
Marice wrote
at 1:36 AM, Tuesday December 10, 2013 EST
She's a character from Duke's of Hazard. I have no problem removing the word :-) Any other opinions on that?
chiefChief wrote
at 2:44 PM, Tuesday December 10, 2013 EST
remove Daisy Duke, add General Lee
brunettebarbie wrote
at 6:45 AM, Tuesday December 17, 2013 EST
pls remove "phantom kangaroo"
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