Marice wrote
at 3:01 PM, Tuesday June 3, 2014 EDT
Please post your reports here of players that are causing issues.

Reply with:

Profile URL
Details on how they were misbehaving.

To find the URL of a player click on their user name as they sit at the table and it should open in a new window. You will see a url like this (number will be unique to each player)

If they are in the chat window only, click on the search tab below, copy and paste their user name there. Please note some players use unusual symbols in their name so if you are having trouble finding someone, copy and paste will usually pick this up.

(NB) If the offence is inappropriate draws it helps to take screen shots as sometimes the previous draws are not possible to view. You don't have to include screenshots in your post but they help should Advisors need more evidence. It can also help to copy and paste chat information if the abuse is here rather than in the sketch.

If it is cheaters please provide name and URL of all parties involved.

You can also report problems on our Facebook page.

We prefer you tag the Advisors in your post rather than PM us. Sometimes we are asleep and there is more chance of someone acting if we can all see the post.

Remember we will not always ban based on these reports but may simply warn (on their comments page) the party(s) involved.

If you click onto someone in here and they are not banned please don't assume the mods are not looking or don't care.

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Marice wrote
at 3:04 PM, Tuesday June 3, 2014 EDT
Thanks to Hero for the old post. Brunette Barbie and I felt it needed some updates and was getting full so have started this new thread :-)
vacuum_cleaner wrote
at 11:08 PM, Tuesday June 3, 2014 EDT
dicksucking andy

the name is telling. also this remark:

Every other player adds 4 to the pot.
dicksucking andy guesses you can suck a bag of dicks
Brokura guesses book
Tyrion Lannister guesses reading
Brokura guesses page

then i had to leave the xsketch for awhile, so maybe there was more, but i didn't see it, so i don't know for sure
Marice wrote
at 11:19 PM, Tuesday June 3, 2014 EDT
Thanks Vacuum. Taken care of.
vacuum_cleaner wrote
at 2:49 PM, Wednesday June 4, 2014 EDT

Profane language both in the chat and in the guess box, name calling, insult of other players. Plus, writing words in sketches, despite constant reminders and warnings not to do that.

Examples of foul language:
vacuum_cleaner: Nuggetzor, please refrain from writing letters or numbers in your drawings
hotmoltenlava: ^
vacuum_cleaner: it is not allowed
NUGGETZOR22: vacuum cleaner ur not my mom
Rachel6141997: so? what does that have to do with anything?
Awesomesause has left
NUGGETZOR22: dont tell me what to do that has something to do with it
vacuum_cleaner: thank god we've cleared this. i know the rules, though, and i want everyone to play by rules
NUGGETZOR22: well it aint gonna happen

NUGGETZOR22: quit bein such a teachers pen vacuum

hotmoltenlava: i think nugget is confused
NUGGETZOR22: shut the fuck up
hotmoltenlava: dont tell me what to do
vacuum_cleaner: aren't they always
Joe Lunatic: lol
vacuum_cleaner: please, mind your language, Nuggetzor
Rachel6141997: PLEASE dont use profanity...i'd rather my little sister not see it if she looks over my shoulder
NUGGETZOR22: do i look like i care if ur sister sees ho

NUGGETZOR22: what the fuck u hoe
hotmoltenlava: garden hoe
vacuum_cleaner wrote
at 5:08 AM, Saturday June 7, 2014 EDT
a little bit of cheating with dickforamouth. foul language both in the chat and guess box.


the user's name. penis drawings. a little bit of cheating with duckquack. foul language both in the chat and guess box.

duckquack: boop ur nose
collystrings is now level 6!
dickforamouth: boop your tits
duckquack: i have inverted chest
Creepy Dude: you can relax
dickforamouth: whyd it skip me?
duckquack: u have chest cavity
duckquack: cause u suck
Creepy Dude: there s only one watcher
dickforamouth: fuck you
Creepy Dude: show is over
duckquack: suck
duckquack: my penis
duckquack: and get overit
dickforamouth: what?
dickforamouth: trick or treat
dickforamouth: fuck
dickforamouth: damn it
dickforamouth: cocksucking shit dick so i cant draw??????
dickforamouth: wtf
brunettebarbie wrote
at 9:38 PM, Saturday June 7, 2014 EDT
thx vc, oh and next time please tell also what kind of cheating it was... IM cheating or by writing on the sketchboard or another kind :)
Princess2013 wrote
at 3:57 AM, Friday June 13, 2014 EDT
Player name: joeprobaseballs - Vulgar image (Avatar)
HowardTheDuck wrote
at 12:51 AM, Wednesday June 18, 2014 EDT
Creepy Dude

Inappropriate Sketches ,Avatar, Guesses, Spamming
Princess2013 wrote
at 11:56 PM, Saturday June 21, 2014 EDT

Princess2013 is here
DickButtTheSecon: princess can you leave :s this is meant to be private
Khallaria wrote
at 8:12 PM, Wednesday July 2, 2014 EDT

name Edud yeerc

Continually swapping his gif between naked shemales and gay sex. If you need visual confirmation I screenshotted the profile with one of the gifs so that he doesn't get off scott free for changing it back when mods are backwards is awefully similar to creepy dude
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