What should change in July?
Ryan wrote
at 1:39 PM, Tuesday July 1, 2014 EDT
In June the following changes were made:

- Player stands up if they're away for 3+ rounds
- [bug] Players with same IP address should not be allowed to sit at the same table together
- [bug] Twitter login not working

I tracked the sugestions in the June thread on the trello board under "xksetch inbox":

What's the most important item on this list (or not on the list) that I should focus on?

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brunettebarbie wrote
at 10:54 AM, Wednesday July 2, 2014 EDT
Ok, to start this discussion i am gonna list all the ideas from the June-poll and the trello-board, so you all can decide which ones you think Ryan should focus one first.

1) at least one higher tables w/ losing points possible
2) Xsketch tournaments
3) achievement badges (what kind?)
1) A solution to the wrong word bug
2) A bigger and whole sketch history
3) rainbow pen for level 50
4) color white or rubber
5) Notifications when other players write on your wall or review you
6) Mute Button
7) enhanced guessing like egami suggested
8) crazy idea by jurgen: crazy idea; I'm not even sure the community would like it, maybe it's even too complicated but I know I would love it and it would also add a completely new "competion". You need at least 8 people to play, 4 or 5 guessers and 3 or 4 drawers. The idea: different people draw the same word at the same time. After the word is guessed, the winning guesser is of course identified and gets points for guessing correctly. The timer for drawing keeps running so every drawer can finish their sketch. All the guessers can vote for the most clever or best sketch and the person who guessed correctly first can also award extra points to one drawer. He is free to pick the best drawing in his opinion or he can also chose to reward the drawer that made him guess correctly the quickest.
8) Foreign language tables
9) pink, brown and other colors
10) One or two more pensizes
11) Let new players read the page of rules once, as part of the list they have to get "checked"
- That way none of them can excuse himself easily with "Oh, i didn`t know that was not allowed what i did there!"
12) A prominent placed link to the existing facebookgroup of Xsketch or a newly founded Fanpage which does not exist yet for advertising the game better.
13) An mobile App for Xsketch
- for both Apple and Android devices. Also good for recruiting new players.
14) rating words (Easy, Medium, Hard)
15) Post drawing to Facebook feature
16) A forum with better features (i know that kdicers and gpokers want that too)
17) bring loosing points back
18) Players who have not confirmed their email should not be allowed to play at the tables.
19) Prevent that player names that got banned for being inappropriate do not get to be tablenames in the next month.
20) Give Mods the option to reset points of cheaters and /or to reset frozen tables.
21) The ability to update our email address for login, email verification to play. or something like that.
21) Change of display of the medals.
There are a lot of players with many medals, but their best medals are not displayed at the table because they are last in the row.
Maybe give us a tick box in the profile settings where we can choose which of our medals we want to display.
22) Would be nice if vulgar language could be blocked. Both the during game play and for the User Names.
23) Color fill, To cover the entire page with the first color.
24) remove the bug that makes the table crash when someone guesses right and stands up in the same turn.
25) a way sketchers be able to communicate privately in case if they were to change personal infos
26) I wonder why some new players have -post in forum as a default? Maybe make it so that everyone who verified his emailadress can also post in the forum.
It is quite annoying to have to set it manually to +post for so many players.
27) a little more time to draw more difficult words would be really helpful.
28) The ability, perhaps under the account settings link, for a sketcher to disable clues during their draws.
29) Custom tables
30) tagging words

If you like one of these, please tell!
Also please feel free to add more ideas!
vacuum_cleaner wrote
at 2:07 PM, Wednesday July 2, 2014 EDT
I really like these ones:

1. At least one higher tables w/ losing points possible ;
2. Rubber;
3. Let new players read the page of rules once, as part of the list they have to get "checked";
4. Players who have not confirmed their email should not be allowed to play at the tables (what if players log in from facebook/twitter? Does this concern them?);
5. Rating words (Easy, Medium, Hard).
_ _ _ wrote
at 3:26 PM, Wednesday July 2, 2014 EDT
1. Higher point tables (ability to lose points)
2. Tournaments
Khallaria wrote
at 4:10 PM, Wednesday July 2, 2014 EDT
More presence from Ryan to make newcomers feel at home and perhaps keep a few of them coming.
joeprobaseball wrote
at 3:53 AM, Thursday July 3, 2014 EDT
When players are banned, they can still reappear in the chat box and spam it just by showing up/refreshing. So it will say "Playername is here" over and over again in the chat box. Maybe have a way so that this spamming while banned can't occur. Could be a screen for banned players, like at the end of the month when xsketch times out, so that they can't get into sketch.
brunettebarbie wrote
at 6:57 AM, Thursday July 3, 2014 EDT
Ok, for what i wish most:

Fixing of all known bugs, so the "wrong word bug", the "table crashes when someone geusses right and stands up in same turn bug", the "timer does not work when someone stands up and sits in again in same turn which leads to endless drawing time bug", and the "not whole and belated drawing history bug" and the "-post in forum for new players bug".

As an Advisor i also wish for some stuff that prevents trolling: Joes Idea of an extra screen for banned people; no avatar until veryfied account; Give Mods the option to reset points of cheaters and /or to reset frozen tables.

And just for more fun i wish for the pink and brown color and the rubber! :)
_ _ _ wrote
at 6:59 AM, Thursday July 3, 2014 EDT
I agree with Barbie that the most important task for July should be the fixing of the bugs. It would make the game more enjoyable if the table didn't keep Crashing.
VictoriaJ wrote
at 7:42 AM, Thursday July 3, 2014 EDT
An eraser would be nice. :)
Joe Lunatic wrote
at 7:46 AM, Thursday July 3, 2014 EDT
I really like the eraser idea, rainbow pen would also be a very fun idea!

brunettebarbie wrote
at 8:23 AM, Thursday July 3, 2014 EDT
another bug that needs a fix: in the stats the "good sketches percent" is always 100%, so it does not work right anymore. Since December 2013.
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