I Summon thee mod: Release Alt!
Prince Hamlet wrote
at 8:11 PM, Saturday October 25, 2014 EDT
Every good story needs its antagonist and he took it upon himself to play that role. He gives your mod position a purpose, besides it's funny to see the little ruckus he causes. You know you like it, too, admit it. :^)

Lol, but seriously:
It's not even like 10 year olds are playing this game, and even if, MEDIA already does its share to steal their innocence and if the Media isnt the one to sully them, it's society, the kids learn bad words like "fuck" in elementary school (and make use of it), see enough sex shops on the streets, which dont consider (or care) that their advertisements can be seen by anyone, not only adults. (and nobody complains)

You guys are acting as if kids are angels, theyre not. This generation isnt like the ones before, 12 year old already lose their virginity (on their own free will) - which reminds me and should remind you too that there's SEX ED in schools. Not like the kids never heard of genitals lol. So quit acting like you have to save them or keep them from the "bad influence".

If you want the keep them safe, unplug their computers and send them to the playground. Kids their age shouldnt be on the internet. If they are, it's their own fault. Theyre old enough to think on their own and if theyre too stupid, than their lousy parents should take some responsibility.

Should your argument be that he is bothering others with his sketches or words, well first you should look into the case and see whether they brought it upon themselves too. Putting all the blame on one person is cowardly behaviour. Also it's not like he is the common troll, he doesnt just go draw dicks, insult everyone out of nowhere, curse all the time and god knows. His contributions to the xsketch community should also be considered. He isnt a saint, but he's not completely rotten lol. I know you gave him lots of chances. But still. Turn the other cheek ;^):^)

If you're not gonna unban atleast one of his main accounts this month, you could be so kind and say if you're gonna unban him atall. A bit insight would be nice.

Anyway, I'm still willing to exchange my account for his and if he does anything that goes against the rules, you're free to permaban me too.

Be cooperative :^)

I'm super bored and you're not even giving it any effort to reanimate this game. This is the least you could do (and the only thing that would spice things up in here lol)

Coooooooooooome ooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnn.

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chiefKeef wrote
at 11:42 PM, Saturday October 25, 2014 EDT
jurgen wrote
at 4:19 AM, Sunday October 26, 2014 EDT
You do realise he's an adult somewhere around 40 and not a kid right?

The answer is still no and will always be (that's what a permaban means)

I can't unban someone who has such a dark side. I could list about 100 superoffensive alt names right now, dozens of unacceptable drawings, chatlogs where he says totally unacceptable things about Barbie, Karin, me (idc about that even), Julie, vacuum, etc.

He plays with more than one account, etc etc.

We tried to make deals with him dozens of times so he could keep playing. He always broke his word, usually the next day or so. So there's no point in ever trying again.

He actually said that he wanted to quit so I'm actually doing him a favour.
flagsrweak wrote
at 7:17 PM, Sunday October 26, 2014 EDT
"He plays with more than one account, etc etc."

I thought that's only a capital offense, if you play with more than one account simultaneously, or...? Is it illegal to e.g. achieve a medal with more than one account during a month?
jurgen wrote
at 5:11 PM, Monday October 27, 2014 EDT
he sat with more than one account at the same table

medalling or simply playing with more than one account in the same month is perfectly fine of course
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