Rude ignorant players
SpookyDame wrote
at 5:31 AM, Friday October 2, 2015 EDT
@DelectableGoon: ew get out
@momohimexx: who are you O_O
@Dalien_: get out?
Havok69: Who's that lol
@Dalien_: friends only
@DelectableGoon: ew go away spooky butthole
@Dalien_: smoke
@Dalien_: beverage
@DelectableGoon has left
SpookyDame: aww did I run out the children?
SpookyDame: wahh
SpookyDame: public room
@Dalien_: you ruined it mate
SpookyDame: im not your mate, and its a public neverending game
@Dalien_: rude cunt
@momohimexx: uber rude
Havok69: Have fun by yourself "not your mate"
Havok69 has left
@Dalien_: have fun wanking in a sock
@momohimexx has left

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chiefKeef wrote
at 9:16 PM, Friday October 9, 2015 EDT
kellykellymoore wrote
at 11:09 PM, Saturday October 10, 2015 EDT
Thought I took care of this when it happened, apparently not. Fixed now. Have fun
Treehugga wrote
at 8:14 PM, Monday October 26, 2015 EDT
Treehugga takes a seat
IrishPenis64736 guesses fuck off
IrishPenis64736 guesses fuck off you chinki cunt
IrishPenis64736 guesses treehugga plz leave
IrishPenis64736 guesses sorry for racism
lol ur ma guessed the word.
IrishPenis64736 guesses plz forgive
IrishPenis64736 guessed the word.
Treehugga sits out
The word was space bar
WowItsTaken wins 22 for the sketch.
lol ur ma wins 18 for guessing correctly.
IrishPenis64736 wins 4 for guessing correctly.
Treehugga's turn to sketch. Treehugga adds 12 to the pot.
Every other player adds 4 to the pot.
Treehugga loses -6 for passing on .
lol ur ma's turn to sketch. lol ur ma adds 12 to the pot.
Every other player adds 4 to the pot.
IrishPenis64736 guesses im sorry tree lover
IrishPenis64736 guesses hugga
IrishPenis64736 guesses for racist comment
WowItsTaken guesses earthquake
IrishPenis64736 guesses plz forgive me as i have sinned
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