Automatic word difficulty algorithm
Radix- wrote
at 12:40 AM, Tuesday March 25, 2008 EDT
The difficulty rating of the word should be influenced by how long it took to solve it and how many guesses it took (averaged over many instances).

Then the more difficult words appear at higher tables.

This way the difficulty rating of the words will adjust automatically based on the skills of the players without having to manually enter a difficulty rating for each word.

25 people think this is a good idea

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forgottentruths wrote
at 7:55 AM, Tuesday March 25, 2008 EDT
fantastic idea
AlexeyMK wrote
at 3:42 PM, Friday March 28, 2008 EDT
also, perhaps have harder words at tables with more players? I can draw 'library card' and have it guessed if there are 6 people playing, but this is harder to do with 3.
Jeffles wrote
at 6:12 AM, Thursday April 10, 2008 EDT
Also, keep track of if it was solved at all. If a word has appeared 5 times, and never solved... it should probably be removed from the dictionary.
Discoveria wrote
at 9:23 AM, Thursday April 10, 2008 EDT
It should be more than 5 times...because the first time you see a new word, you might not be able to sketch it and players won't be able to guess it. But next time, you'll have some idea of how it might be done. So you could improve. It would give the game a wider range of difficulty.
AlexeyMK wrote
at 5:19 PM, Tuesday April 15, 2008 EDT
This would also enable having blitz tables (for easy words) and potentially tables where speed matters (again, only for easy words)
tiagosilva wrote
at 8:14 AM, Wednesday April 16, 2008 EDT
great idea!
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