No loss of typed guess when new player sits
tet3 wrote
at 7:05 AM, Saturday April 12, 2008 EDT
From MoneyMango's Discussion post:

"I've noticed that if you are typing your geuss when someone sits down, the geuss goes back to nothing. Meaning if im typing the word fender and i have typed fen before the person sits down the fen will disappear once the person sits."

This is a super-annoying bug, IMO. Please fix.

77 people think this is a good idea

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Catwoman wrote
at 12:41 PM, Saturday April 12, 2008 EDT
It's not annoying, but I'd love to see the typed guess :)
moneymango wrote
at 1:00 AM, Tuesday April 29, 2008 EDT
I think it is very annoying, sometimes i dont realize i lost most of my geuss, and don't geuss that word again and it turns out to be the right word
leekstep wrote
at 9:28 AM, Tuesday April 29, 2008 EDT
It is a very bad bug!
tiagosilva wrote
at 6:31 PM, Monday May 5, 2008 EDT
please fix this, i've lost words because of this!
Kirkpad wrote
at 12:13 AM, Tuesday May 6, 2008 EDT
Unfortunately, this has happened to me a lot too. Maybe Ryan is still working out the bugs.
F.U.B.A.R wrote
at 10:34 PM, Friday May 16, 2008 EDT
Please fix it
Em Em wrote
at 10:30 AM, Tuesday September 30, 2008 EDT
I lose so many words off this also.
Yesterday I was having a similar problem, only my cursor would move. So i'd be typing the guess like "cream" and in the middle the cursor will do back to the beginning. so it'll be scrambled like this eamcr
That was the most annoying thing ever. I had to re-do practically ever guess. (maybe this was just a lag thing, because it doesn't happen all the time.)
Lei wrote
at 9:34 AM, Wednesday October 1, 2008 EDT
Scrambled typing happens when u use IE for xsketch, it cant handle it too well, the cursor jumps about the typing bar. Try using Firefox or Google Chrome.
Ryan please fix this bug it is very annoying, mostly people sit in the middle of a round and your guess is taken away. I've noticed this also happens when someone stands up. Its possibly because of the system messages having to report the sit in, ie. Player2 takes a seat, but this is very very annoying!!
mimivilee wrote
at 11:43 AM, Monday February 23, 2009 EST
it is very annoying :( but it gives the new player a chance to catch up !
sa|ch| wrote
at 11:49 AM, Wednesday April 8, 2009 EDT
happen to me too. lost the guess words when sombody sit in...scrambled letters that made we missed our guessed words. the same thing. uber annoying. please do something about it. it didnt happen long time ago and i am sure it can be fixed.
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