Automatic "leave seat" after 4 turns away
tet3 wrote
at 4:51 AM, Sunday April 13, 2008 EDT
It sucks to lose 1500 points to antes when you rush away from the computer to help a sick kid or something without clicking "Leave seat" or closing the tab.

49 people think this is a good idea

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ctrlv wrote
at 1:34 AM, Monday April 14, 2008 EDT
this is a good idea for a more important reason. i was playing the other day and noticed someone with 0 points in front of me was away, and that the result was my pot was always that much bigger. someone could easily invite their friends with 0pts to sit in front of them creating a huge starting pot for them. its an easy way to gain huge amts of points, and should really be prevented. two people away in front of you can really boost your score. and anyone can be doing this without much notice since the people away always stay in, and generate points for the person in front of them, without ever losing points themselves.
ctrlv wrote
at 1:38 AM, Monday April 14, 2008 EDT
another idea is to easily see who the biggest point losers are from the ones that have 0 points and maybe ban their ip for a while. if say, they had 0 points, but lost 1000... its obvious somethings not right. what does being in a game, and being 'away' for that long accomplish, other than to aid someone else?
tiagosilva wrote
at 2:30 PM, Monday April 14, 2008 EDT
i think away people should participate in the pot, and shouldn't be allowed to type in guesses, that would also prevent new players who get away without noticing from passing everyttime and be clueless about what's the problem
tiagosilva wrote
at 2:31 PM, Monday April 14, 2008 EDT
i meant they should'nt participate in the pot!
Ladylene wrote
at 6:20 PM, Thursday July 17, 2008 EDT
I agree. After '4 aways' you automatically leave the seat. Its a hassle when the system dumps you out or you get frozen in a room. Can't go off and do something else in case you are still sat in and losing points! Can somethimes take me another 10 mins to get logged back in and 'unseat' myself.
anuja wrote
at 3:03 AM, Friday November 21, 2008 EST
I think this is a good idea too. So many times a person is 'away' and there are soooo many waiting to sit in.
quickcut wrote
at 1:38 AM, Tuesday May 26, 2009 EDT
I do not know if this is possible as there are computer issues to deal with, but agree in an ideal world it would be a good thing.
PM325 wrote
at 11:15 AM, Wednesday July 21, 2010 EDT
I've been doing this as much as possible as the tables are often full now. When I notice someone has been gone awhile I will clear there spot. If you see anyone idle for very long let me know.
Haley Cottrell wrote
at 12:54 AM, Sunday February 27, 2011 EST
i think its a wonderous idea, but i dont think its possible.
Troy11 wrote
at 4:10 AM, Wednesday March 2, 2011 EST
its a good idea, and it should be easy theres an autoboot on kdice too
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