Moderator Check Button
Grunvagr wrote
at 4:30 PM, Sunday May 4, 2008 EDT
Next to the warn button, have a Moderator Check Button... label it whatever you will.

But make it a link that will:
1- note the players name
2- keep a copy of the players sketch

So moderators can look and see documented evidence of people crossing the line.

example: someone drew an extremely offensive picture of sex and profanity and it had nothing to do with the image listed... players click the button.

if 3 players click the button, then the image is skipped, the player loses all points for that turn and the image is saved with the person's name.

Have a link where moderators can go to see ALL saved links where people have severly warned others.

That way, it will be very easy to clean up the less than .0001% of players who cross the line and do not play nice.


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Grunvagr wrote
at 4:35 PM, Sunday May 4, 2008 EDT
- essentially, this a more severe "warning" button

- warnings should be used for people TYPING or WRITING the word out, using numbers, etc... whereas this button would be more severe and it's when someone OFFENDS you and you think they've gone too far.
Crystallina wrote
at 6:51 PM, Sunday May 4, 2008 EDT
There has to be a mechanism to prevent 3 players from using it to "gang up" on someone innocent.
tiagosilva wrote
at 7:31 PM, Sunday May 4, 2008 EDT
good idea
Grunvagr wrote
at 7:53 PM, Sunday May 4, 2008 EDT
Crystallina, no one needs to worry if they get ganged up on or not. These are merely sketches that will be set aside to be reviewed later.

Moderators will still use common sense later on. If a sketch is fine - and someone is unjustly criticized - the points get refunded (as if nothing happened).

If the sketch is indeed harrassment or obscene, then it will be dealt with accordingly. Warning on the first offenses and more serious punishments for repeat offenders.
Truthfull wrote
at 9:44 PM, Sunday May 4, 2008 EDT
I think this is quite a good idea, although I don't recall any cases in which I wished this was there already...
Truthfull wrote
at 10:04 PM, Sunday May 4, 2008 EDT
on second thoughts... I would definitely have wanted to use it when AdolfHitler88 started to draw a swastika...
Grunvagr wrote
at 12:25 AM, Monday May 5, 2008 EDT
It was brought to my attention earlier of an extremely crude picture...

had a swastika, a graphic sex image and other stuff entirely unrelated to the word and 100% inappropriate. This suggestion would be for those cases.

Though it would also be good, as a side idea, to be able to vote someone's avatar to be banned - and have the pic saved / their name saved for later review. That way, even if someone CHANGES the avatar later, we'd have proof they used it and can be warned / punished accordingly.

just wanna keep things clean around here an d have fun, ykno?
Kirkpad wrote
at 12:28 AM, Monday May 5, 2008 EDT
well i have 2 pics of maynard and jakedahn pointing at someone and calling them profanity, and the other person getting it right.

Both people, saved, completely unrelated, rude pictures. They have really high ranks too, I find it unfair.
foxylady13 wrote
at 12:45 AM, Monday May 5, 2008 EDT
moderator, how do u qualify to become just a moderator and not a player as such, id love to go undercover on here and catch all the cheaters and harrassers that think they own the right to critisize someone. after many years of counselling, i have finally found the strenght to fight back with the people that used to walk all over me, i will voice an opinion if needed and im not afraid of saying what i think. i just dont want shy people and socially blind have no family or support to think that there is no hope for them, here at x-sketch so many of us can help. i have met some fantastic people on here, maybe ive argued with them at first, but you get to no who is arguing friendly and who calls you names to make them feel superior. lets all link together and make x-sketch the place to meet greet and sketch.
Grunvagr wrote
at 8:56 AM, Monday May 5, 2008 EDT
I'm moderator AND a player. But if someone calls an issue to my attention, i'll gladly leave midgame to go mute a belligerent idiot or so on.

To become a mod (I dont think there's an application process yet) you just need to show to Ryan that you are sane, competent, show good judgment and that you care about the gaming community as a whole. It's about games here but it's really about the friends you make while goofin around too.

And just know that being a mod does not give one the right to go around muting everyone that slightly annoys you. You still have to use discretion and your better judgment.

Mostly I will verbally warn players in person or immediately change porn avatars, etc. But banning someone from playing, posting in the forums, and chatting completely I usually reserve until someone has been warned AND continues to show disrespect for other players.

exception is cussing nonstop at a table, then I will mute someone... maybe for 5 minutes, maybe for a day, depending on how uncooperative they are =)

dont worry though, we are working hard around here to keep the games clean and fun - xsketch is so freggin fun lol

(im still laughing at the "ORLY" owl pic a day ago...)

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