-=|Voorsie|=- wrote
at 5:00 PM, Monday May 12, 2008 EDT
When I want to play the games at the office, against a collegue, I will get the message that we have the same ip.

It should be great when there is a kind of play for fun room, so that we can play against eachother, but without counting the won/lost points in my statistics.

13 people think this is a good idea

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blastedhippie wrote
at 10:45 PM, Sunday August 17, 2008 EDT
i want to play with my gf i have a desktop in the bedroom and she uses her laptop in the front room, it was annoying when we wanted to play together but couldn't due to same ip
Khallaria wrote
at 10:30 AM, Tuesday December 27, 2011 EST
the problem is this site is riddled with same IPers who crossscreen glance for answers, tell answers to each other, and cheat in other pathetic ways and unfortunately it's a big enough problem here that the little bit of collateral damage justifiable when compared to the insanely high number of cheaters
Khallaria wrote
at 11:24 AM, Tuesday December 27, 2011 EST
is* justifiable, on a side note we need an edit option for the forums >.>
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