Random Bonuses\Events
Konqi wrote
at 12:03 PM, Monday July 28, 2008 EDT
To make the game interesting everynow and then I think random events should happen.

Events can include:

#double pot (pot doubles by itself)
#triple pot (pot triples by itself)
#guess team effort (splits the room into teams of 2 people first team gets the points)
#draw team effort (randomly choose one other player to also draw, difficulty being you dont know what the other person is doing)
#half time (only half the time to draw but you get more points if you succede)
#pass it on(if you think the word is insanely hard you can pass it to someone else or you can keep it, passing it means you loose 0 points.
#double go (get two gos)
#ink limit (you have a limited ammount of ink so use it wisely)

and so on. other ideas would be great,

55 people think this is a good idea

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ziglertron3000 wrote
at 3:09 PM, Monday July 28, 2008 EDT
I think these are all great ideas -- I'm especially in favor of adding a random "double pot" or "triple pot" --- or "QUADRUPLE pot" feature -- to give more people a fighting chance of making it into the top rankings.
pickled_pig wrote
at 8:51 PM, Monday July 28, 2008 EDT
Lots of good stuff.

[[really long post ahead]]

Ever play Uno when you were a kid? Remember the "Skip" and "Reverse" cards? It would be interesting if we could incorporate those into gameplay. Perhaps for every 10k points you get one or the other at random that you can implement at your draw.

So say I'm drawing and I'm before Konqi and after Hollz (to name somebody). So if I play "Skip", Konqi's draw would be skipped; if I played "Reverse", Hollz would get the next draw. (sorry that it disadvantages you both times :( )

It's not random and could be a pain in the ass (or arse) to develop, but it would add a new dimension to strategy. The only problem would be if everyone decided to prevent a specific player from sketching by using the cards to his or her disadvantage.
Sanday wrote
at 8:42 PM, Sunday August 3, 2008 EDT
WOW bunch of good ideas. I'm really liking this because right now we're forced to entertain ourselves... This would definitely keep people more focused in the game.
i.c.e. wrote
at 2:46 PM, Monday August 4, 2008 EDT
Em Em wrote
at 5:14 PM, Saturday September 6, 2008 EDT
I'm all for it. It'll make the game more interesting.
ninsie wrote
at 3:53 AM, Thursday January 29, 2009 EST
I think these are fantastic ideas.
It would make the game much more fun-ner.

Especially the team-effort stuff

Gurgi wrote
at 8:54 PM, Tuesday February 3, 2009 EST
Reecer6 wrote
at 1:42 PM, Friday March 20, 2009 EDT
I have an idea!
#Connections (Include the previous drawing in your picture, unless you don't know what it means or it is WAY to hard.)
ALiYAH* wrote
at 10:31 AM, Tuesday May 26, 2009 EDT
I think these ideas are great and should be introduced in the game !
yesman17 wrote
at 4:45 PM, Thursday May 28, 2009 EDT
Brilliant Ideas!
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