TayBren13 as xsketch new Mod
sa|ch| wrote
at 4:06 PM, Wednesday May 20, 2009 EDT
Here's a wild and random idea. I've thought over it. I am suggesting to make TayBren13 as a mod on xkstech. why? so far, he really helped me a lot in gaining points. not just me, but a lot of people. second, he is not bias. no need detail for that.I believe he is responsible enough to handle such responsibility. I promise you Ryan, he will make a good moderator and a friendly one too. so,HEAR ME OUT RYAN.

until then, check yourself before you wreck yourself.
peace out.

41 people think this is a good idea

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quickcut wrote
at 7:33 PM, Wednesday May 20, 2009 EDT
I think it is a great idea!
zainab wrote
at 8:14 AM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT
go for it tay!!
sa|ch| wrote
at 12:13 PM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT
Yay Tay=D
TayBren13 wrote
at 2:04 PM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT
Once again I must be the voice of reason and say that making this Tay guy a Mod makes about as much sense as giving the keys to the candy store to a kid. He would surely ruin Xsketch and everything it stands for. :) Have you people ever spent time with this Goofball? His spelling is always off and OMG! could he learn how to draw, Please! What a DORK! ...I mean who does this guy think he is anyway =) HaHaHa
sa|ch| wrote
at 2:18 PM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT
sa|ch| hints that the first letter is d
TayBren13 guesses i can't say this word
TayBren13 guesses it's a bad word
TayBren13 guesses shame on you
TayBren13 correctly guesses dam.
sa|ch| wrote
at 2:26 PM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT
another reason why he should be a
Rico Milo wrote
at 5:08 PM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT
Don't fall for it.. the women just want to be top dog and you're our only male winner.
shyanne wrote
at 8:58 PM, Thursday May 21, 2009 EDT
i think its a great idea tay is my favorite x sketcher EVER GO TAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
RoaringLamb wrote
at 6:02 PM, Sunday May 24, 2009 EDT
you got my vote Tay :) <3
tashabee wrote
at 9:05 PM, Friday May 29, 2009 EDT
making tay mod is like finding the ideal president, anyone suitable for the job is smart enough to know not to do it. If Tay wants to be a mod he has my full support but I understand why he has no desire to :P and he gets my backing there too!
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