create spanish table
EInegro wrote
at 4:13 PM, Saturday July 24, 2010 EDT
this site can be better if we have more people from other countrys

6 people think this is a good idea

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Gurgi wrote
at 2:14 AM, Monday July 26, 2010 EDT
although i understand this thread is a joke im gonna first pretend its not.
it happened . . . there are hardly enough english people tho. there was also french and dutch tables

ps: go back to kdice :p
EInegro wrote
at 4:43 AM, Monday July 26, 2010 EDT
I did gurgi ;P
Clarinette wrote
at 12:50 PM, Monday July 26, 2010 EDT
(I don't want a french table.)
But Elnegro you can try Ixsketch, there, there are spanish tables.
EInegro wrote
at 9:07 AM, Tuesday July 27, 2010 EDT
i preffer this in spanish =P
Captain_Falcon wrote
at 10:42 AM, Monday April 18, 2011 EDT
I'd quite like a swahili table please.
Queti Mporta wrote
at 5:28 AM, Wednesday April 20, 2011 EDT
sí, obviamente me gustaría q se hiciera lo mismo pero en castellano (español).. yo se algo de inglés pero para jugar a esto se me complica... creemos una mesa en español!!!! pienso q es una good idea =) =) =) =)

I do not know much English, we make a table in Spanish or Castilian is the same thing =)
redheadbarbie wrote
at 7:46 PM, Thursday April 26, 2012 EDT
I would really like to have a spanish table here!
I need to learn more spanish words! I already learned so many new english/american words here, but spanish would be better for me, as i need it for university.

My idea is: Make one of my tables, the redheadbarbie-table or the brunettebarbie-table a spanish table!
Also, if we need another database with words for that, i would like to take care of it. (with help of others, native speakers maybe)
Bozuit wrote
at 5:39 AM, Saturday April 28, 2012 EDT
Guys this will never happen. Xsketch is part of a global conspiracy to force all the people of the world to speak English. Personally I'm all for it, you foreign people sound funny.
Rudey wrote
at 1:40 PM, Tuesday May 22, 2012 EDT
pro barbs! need foreign language tables for improve mon skills languagé... see how mixed up they alrdy are
redheadbarbie wrote
at 7:10 PM, Tuesday September 25, 2012 EDT
lol @ Rudey.

well, it seems we just have to start a spanish wordlist, no?
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