make Sabala a mod
Sabala wrote
at 9:16 PM, Thursday June 9, 2016 EDT
Hi, i wanna become a mod so i would have the necessary tools to handle wrong doers in a professional way.

Nowadays there arent anyone to do the dirty job. Well, here I am.

8 people think this is a good idea

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Gummitarsan wrote
at 11:55 AM, Monday June 13, 2016 EDT
we need mods!
kellykellymoore wrote
at 9:06 PM, Wednesday June 15, 2016 EDT
Hi, I will try to come to xsketch and do some more modding. I'm usually at GPokr, but I want xsketch to be a nice place to play. =)
jurgen wrote
at 4:22 PM, Friday June 24, 2016 EDT
we need more players*
Gurgi wrote
at 12:13 PM, Tuesday June 28, 2016 EDT
We need Ryan to fix the tables*
Gurgi wrote
at 12:13 PM, Tuesday June 28, 2016 EDT
can't have a broken site and wonder why people left
kellykellymoore wrote
at 6:56 AM, Saturday July 2, 2016 EDT
That's not why you left.
_ _ _ wrote
at 11:26 PM, Sunday July 3, 2016 EDT
This game as gone to crap..please fix it. Can't ever find a decent game..
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