Become a reasonably good guesser...
Discoveria wrote
at 5:35 PM, Monday April 7, 2008 EDT
In order of importance :-)

1. Get to recognise conventions used by other players in sketches (such as a purring cat for "perfect" and a sitting person getting up for "stand"). Learn how the simple or more common sketches are usually done.

2. Relax! Don't bother guessing unless you actually think you understand the sketch. E.g. Early on when a stick figure is all that can be seen, the chances of winning with simple guesses like "man" or "person" are low and typing your guesses may distract you from watching the sketch unfold. (Instead, see whether there is anything odd the way the stick figure was drawn.)

Another small benefit is that if you are on the right track and the sketcher tells you by drawing an arrow to you, you can pick it up more easily.

3. Pre-empt other players if possible. E.g. when a car is drawn, it may be possible to guess "driver" or "bumper" early. "Teakettle" is another good one.

4. Fast typing helps but isn't everything - getting the correct version of a word or phrase is more important.

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:F! wrote
at 6:11 PM, Monday April 7, 2008 EDT
i didn't mean to vote

in answer to number 2, you could always try typing with out having to look at your keyboard, i'm becoming increasingly keyboard friendly and that helps, at least you can keep attention on the screen,
also, sometimes it is infact car so type it immediately, i find i either get it straight away or i have keyboard vomit (in the form of guesses) which helps my train of thought, the more guesses the more chance right?
JDizzle787 wrote
at 11:50 AM, Tuesday April 8, 2008 EDT
Remember past words that came up, since the game is still young and words still tend to be recycled. This is similar to pre-empting a guess.
Catwoman wrote
at 12:57 PM, Saturday April 12, 2008 EDT
thanks :) helped a lot!
BD! wrote
at 2:26 AM, Thursday April 17, 2008 EDT
I disagree with #2. Sometimes it IS "man" or "hat" or "eye". And if you just sit there not guessing, someone else is guaranteed to get it.
Discoveria wrote
at 1:36 PM, Thursday April 17, 2008 EDT
Clearly there's two alternative ways to play: guess as much as possible, or wait-and-see. You know which I prefer. I reckon that for every sketch that I lose out on because it was man or hat or eye, there are two more that I win because the sketch revealed more detail and I reacted to it first.
Truthfull wrote
at 6:21 PM, Thursday April 17, 2008 EDT
I do agree with point number two, simply because I'm a slow typer :(. I very rarely guess those simpel 'leg' or 'man'-words, because when I do, i will be last anyway. So I think point two does apply to slow typers: you might not be the first to guess 'man', but you can concentrate on what comes next - like when he starts to get something in his hands. And then you may be the first one to guess that...
So I find that just relaxing is the way to go, not rushing and thinking clearly makes you think just one step ahead of the others, making the slow typer still enter the word first.

But I guess the first point gives the best advice: just keep playing it. The first few times you will probably not be earning a lot of points. The experience you gain on the other hand, helps so much the next time! And even though you may not know that many words yet (which helps a great lot too...) but you learn to interpret the drawing, and you start to pick up important details, vital clues for guessing the word. After a while the way you draw becomes clearer for the others aw well, another vital part of the game.
Discoveria wrote
at 4:08 PM, Thursday May 1, 2008 EDT
So, it's the start of a new month, and I definitely think I should add to this thread, because my play style has changed a little. So, to rate the above points:

1. Still important, especially for the difficult words!

2. At the start of the round, if the word being sketched is easy, you will lose out by waiting. So it's best to guess whatever comes to mind. If the word is difficult, it will not be guessed at this point, and you should then wait and see how the sketch turns out.

-This is a better strategy when playing against fast typers and very good players.

3. Pre-empting has become more difficult due to the increasing range of words, but can still win you some rounds.

4. Still true, although now I type as fast as I can!!!
Kirkpad wrote
at 8:46 PM, Friday May 2, 2008 EDT
Some good advice, but you also need to remember to be simple in your guesses.

Say it looks like a portrait, painting, picture? No it's just art.

One time I was trying to draw lima bean and nobody realized that lime+bean is lima bean.
cdevins wrote
at 6:52 PM, Saturday January 24, 2009 EST
Something I learned today is that if it's a 6 word clue, it's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
Gurgi wrote
at 8:54 PM, Tuesday February 3, 2009 EST
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