Go to the higher tables.
Ambug666 wrote
at 10:50 PM, Saturday April 26, 2008 EDT
Seriously, you'll earn more points with 3 people at a 10k table than you will with 8 people at a 0K table. Do it.

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Discoveria wrote
at 8:32 AM, Sunday April 27, 2008 EDT
This is, obviously, on the assumption that you're good enough to not lose out on the drawing points and also able to guess the sketch a fair number of times. Poorer players would get more points sitting at the zero tables (the way Bombardier DS 65 plays in kdice*).

* Not implying that Bombardier is a bad player, just that his strategy is to soak up points where they are generated at the lower tables.
Jeffles wrote
at 9:24 AM, Tuesday May 13, 2008 EDT
No, you should always go to the higher tables. If you do the math each round you'll see that point are added in to the pool, it's not a 0 sum game.
Gurgi wrote
at 1:52 PM, Tuesday June 22, 2010 EDT
solid advice
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