Trust in the Power of Marice
thebeatsurrender wrote
at 7:54 PM, Tuesday July 8, 2008 EDT
no need to pass

16 people think this is a good idea

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Marice wrote
at 3:36 AM, Wednesday July 9, 2008 EDT
rofl! You guys have a lot of misplaced trust!
Discoveria wrote
at 5:00 AM, Wednesday July 9, 2008 EDT
Heh, this has happened to me too :)
stupidcheeseboy wrote
at 5:37 PM, Thursday July 17, 2008 EDT
Yes! We believe!
The power of Pope Mini is also awesome
Marice wrote
at 6:07 PM, Thursday July 17, 2008 EDT
Oh yes, now if you have Mini in the room definately draw away. NEVER give up. One of the best ways to learn is to keep trying.
themoonmonster wrote
at 9:58 PM, Friday July 25, 2008 EDT
I trust in the Power of Marice! And in the Power of Minieggs! Never give up, never surrender! xD

Gurgi wrote
at 8:53 AM, Saturday September 5, 2009 EDT
i miss Marice :(.
PM325 wrote
at 11:16 PM, Friday September 25, 2009 EDT
I miss her too. She was the first to hit 100,000,000 when only two to three months prior the high scores had yet to breach the 200,000 mark. She is truly an X-Sketch legend and greatly missed by many here. I'm sure her family however, must be thrilled to have her back.
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