Guessing Tips
jansen123 wrote
at 9:18 AM, Monday August 1, 2011 EDT
Just a quick few things I do which may help your guessing. Some may have been mentioned before.

Most of us use the one letter out of six bug to make drawings easier. Like for the word concession, draw confession, paddock-padlock, commuter-computer and so on.

This is also handy whilst guessing. A lot of words end in "ing" and "er". So instead of typing both mountain climber and mountain climbing, simply type mountain climbENG and both are covered. Others include typing malerat which covers mallrats and molerat in one guess.

Position and size of the draw in most cases can help determine the length of the word early on. eg. if a king is drawn far left relatively small, it more likely to be king of clubs or king for a day rather than just king.

Have a big word which can be hard to spell copied and ready to be pasted for the extra wow factor. I vary from: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Deoxyribonucleic acid
Tyrannosaurus Rex (can never spell this)
Float like a butterfly sting like a bee

Im sure I'm missing some and holding others close to my chest until I retire.

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Rudey wrote
at 4:40 PM, Tuesday August 2, 2011 EDT
kewl thing with the "climbENG" didnt think of that yet! thx dave
Bozuit wrote
at 6:06 PM, Tuesday August 2, 2011 EDT
jansen123 wrote
at 6:38 PM, Tuesday August 2, 2011 EDT
try cheateng next time.x
Gurgi wrote
at 10:50 PM, Tuesday August 2, 2011 EDT
<3 Jansen
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