Defence against bots
superwiseman wrote
at 6:05 AM, Saturday February 20, 2010 EST
I think there are two ways to tackle bots while moderators are not in.

1) Allow players to open new (and higher level) tables, at the moment, this is not possible, at least when I tried.

2) Have 1-point tables, as bots never get any points, having a 1-point table will stop them from sitting in, while making it accessible to most. The newbies can still sit at 0-level tables and as soon as they have some points, they can sit in the 1-point table. This, i believe is the most effective way to tackle bots.

Please vote and give your ideas.

7 people think this is a good idea

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Holly Molly wrote
at 8:45 AM, Saturday February 20, 2010 EST
I've already voiced it out to Ryan, but no change -.-
holyharlequin wrote
at 4:15 PM, Tuesday February 23, 2010 EST
Ryan hasn't listened to any of us. however we are trying to get this site back to what it was. I know i miss spending hours at a time on this game.
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