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How to reach me
I am going to be offline for a while this month due to school. RoaringLamb and TheCinders both have my number to reach me. If I am not around and there is some type of abuse ongoing please find them and they will get a hold of me and we will deal with the situation.

Thanks for understanding,

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Please list any bugs that you find or come across here with a link the the url .

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These tips are for new players or those who may not know some of this sites features or where to find them.

The top of the site consists of..

Leaderboard shows the top 25 ranked players this month for XSketch
Forum-..I think you all should know if you are reading this is where you are allowed to post what ever you want.

Membership is one of a couple ways to show support for this site

Search - this can be used to view a players profile. A players profile can also be viewed by clicking on their name if they are at the same table as you.

Rules-site rules are found here

Now for some neat tricks I learned over the years.

Type in --
Then go here any player on this list when added to the original link will bring up a table
For example

MUTING a player
To mute a player type in /mute(players name)
An example /muteGurgi
and yes, you are allowed to mute yourself lol.

BLOCKING an avatar
Quite simply can be done by clicking on it

The big Xsketch in the top left corner can be used to refresh the page by clicking on it

If you think this game is missing out on some pretty cool words or one word you would like to draw go to the top right of the page and click on -suggest words

Some commonly asked questions and answers (yay)

Q. Do you need to be a member to make an avatar?
A. No! Any player can make an avatar by clicking on preferences and then uploading a file. (if this does not work you need to resize the picture or try a different file)
Sometimes, attempting uploading the picture at GPokr or KDice works faster than XSketch.
Q. What are those boxes I see under players names
A. Those boxes are actually medals that a player has won in a previous month. You can obtain one by ranking top 100 at the end of the month

Q. How come some of them are different colors?

A. Depending on the rank the color will be different

Top 100 win white medal
Top 25 win blue medal
3rd wins the bronze medal
2nd wins silver medal
1st wins gold :D ( only one male TayBren13 has got this one)

Q. How can I add people?
A. You can add people by going to preferences and adding the name into the friends slot.

Q. What Determines how many points are in the pot?
A. Well one factor is how many players are at a table. each player sitting adds a certain amount of points. another factor is if a player skips or runs out of time for his or her draw. then the points stay in the pot for the next sketcher.
as the table level increases more points are added to the pot.
*a question that was asked while i was playing which was
Q: what do the dashes and parenthesis mean when someone is drawing?
A: dashes indicates how many words there are
_/_/_ is three words
_/_ is two words ect.
the parenthesis indicates that they're drawing a word inside of the main word which is a good strategy
Q: why doesn't it let me sit and how the hell are these players so good!?
A: if this is your question, you are most likely at at 10k or 75k table. In order to sit at certain tables, one must have the required points to play there.

the TABLE LIMITS system according to GURGI :)
--in order to play at these tables your points most be more or equal to the limit.
-- It is wise to get some "insurance" and get over the limit because once your points go under the limit you are kicked from player.

Limit: 0
no points needed, for new people to warm up and understand how to play mainly

Limit: 200
Players are starting to branch off and understanding the game more here. Players are interested in points and will be a little more competitive.

Limit: 1,500
This is where i spend half the month :). A nice way to make points compared to other tables are have more experienced players.

Limit: 10k
May look scary at first but always has nice players and watching these players draw will help you with tricky words. I suggest sitting here when you feel comfortable and if you are able to with 10k points.

Limit: 75k
This place is for the top 10 mainly. I only went in this room once before so I dont have much to say about it. however, if you get 75k points i think its clear that i have taught you well ;)
(Yea right :P )

It's also a good idea to prepare a tab for Google to Google for random words that you may not know. Google picture works best. You will not run out of time for Google-ing for meaning : P

Watching regular players also might help you to understand the norms of the game : D

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Gurgi (mostly him)
Holly Molly
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Bad Words or Too Hard To Draw
On the downside of new words we will get some bad words that slip by and or some words that are well too hard to draw.

Please post any that you come across here so I can filter them out.

If you have mulitable words post them like so



Enjoy your gameplay

Zach aka (These_cards_suck aka TCS)
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Please welcome 2 new xSketch Moderators

holyharlequin & Holly Molly

They will be helping to limit the bad players, cheaters and the nonsense that we all do not care for here. Please treat them with the kindness and respect that you have shown myself and the rest of the community.

Happy Game Playing.

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XSketch - Pictionary Online
XSketch is a multiplayer word sketch game played in monthly competitions. It's like Pictionary. You sketch a picture with the goal of having other players guess your word and vice versa.
Texas Holdem Poker
Online Strategy
Online Pictionary