Marice wrote
at 3:01 PM, Tuesday June 3, 2014 EDT
Please post your reports here of players that are causing issues.

Reply with:

Profile URL
Details on how they were misbehaving.

To find the URL of a player click on their user name as they sit at the table and it should open in a new window. You will see a url like this (number will be unique to each player)

If they are in the chat window only, click on the search tab below, copy and paste their user name there. Please note some players use unusual symbols in their name so if you are having trouble finding someone, copy and paste will usually pick this up.

(NB) If the offence is inappropriate draws it helps to take screen shots as sometimes the previous draws are not possible to view. You don't have to include screenshots in your post but they help should Advisors need more evidence. It can also help to copy and paste chat information if the abuse is here rather than in the sketch.

If it is cheaters please provide name and URL of all parties involved.

You can also report problems on our Facebook page.

We prefer you tag the Advisors in your post rather than PM us. Sometimes we are asleep and there is more chance of someone acting if we can all see the post.

Remember we will not always ban based on these reports but may simply warn (on their comments page) the party(s) involved.

If you click onto someone in here and they are not banned please don't assume the mods are not looking or don't care.

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kellykellymoore wrote
at 3:47 PM, Friday September 15, 2017 EDT
Thanks, Olivia =)
batileon wrote
at 1:00 PM, Sunday September 24, 2017 EDT

keep writing letters even after warning
batileon wrote
at 1:04 PM, Sunday September 24, 2017 EDT
batileon wrote
at 11:00 AM, Friday November 3, 2017 EDT

these players guessed the answer without any drawing
batileon wrote
at 7:24 AM, Saturday November 4, 2017 EDT
Licjna nuts

These players warned others without any reason!!! and boot other players away

greeeny wrote
at 4:55 PM, Thursday December 7, 2017 EST

Using letters and french language.
greeeny wrote
at 4:57 PM, Thursday December 7, 2017 EST
greeeny wrote
at 7:15 PM, Monday December 11, 2017 EST
If any mods actually bother doing anything about it.
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