We want our rooms back - petition
Hellooo.Kitty wrote
at 9:20 PM, Thursday January 7, 2010 EST
Please Ryan...give us rooms back! Pleaaaaaaaase

93 people think this is a good idea

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mooncow22 wrote
at 1:22 PM, Saturday January 9, 2010 EST
Kyle_S wrote
at 6:32 PM, Saturday January 9, 2010 EST
I have to admit, this is one of the reasons my play slacked last month--I feel bad going up against brand new people.
Lei wrote
at 9:06 PM, Saturday January 9, 2010 EST
I want the higher point rooms baaaack.
at 1:50 PM, Sunday January 10, 2010 EST
Where am I!
at 8:45 PM, Monday January 11, 2010 EST
Mmm... I like nuts
spritza wrote
at 1:51 PM, Thursday January 14, 2010 EST
There is only 1 room open at the moment tonight with over 10 people watching - wanting to play?
Get another room open!!! Please....
mimivilee wrote
at 6:51 AM, Sunday January 17, 2010 EST
I agree when ppl like sally, tay, pc or boob are around all the people that have just joined think that the ppl tht have alot of points cheat... Also there wont be loads of ppl watching. Less ppl can play!!!

jongallant wrote
at 5:12 PM, Tuesday January 19, 2010 EST
I don't really care, however, people I know do. Therefore, I support their opinion. Re-instate the "rooms" effective immediately.
morninc wrote
at 7:38 AM, Wednesday January 20, 2010 EST
Yeah, I don't really feel compelled to play much more because there's no space. I like the higher risks and higher gains of the higher point tables, and for another thing you avoid the genitalia-drawing mob.
Holly Molly wrote
at 8:00 AM, Wednesday January 20, 2010 EST
Give back the rooms! >:(
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