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I already won December, the server just hasn't updated yet.
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Recognized on 7:01 PM, Friday May 28, 2010 EDT by KDICEMOD
Thank you for the helpful guide to playing KDice. http://kdice.com/strategies/ideas/44758234

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chat restored, 3 days are up +chat jurgen 2:23 PM, Saturday November 9, 2013 EST
3 day chat ban -chat jurgen 12:19 PM, Wednesday November 6, 2013 EST
It has been a year. I'm going to make an exception and forget about your little "experiment" :) +play jurgen 10:44 AM, Wednesday April 3, 2013 EDT
sorry bro, busted for sharing and/or proxying -play jurgen 4:10 PM, Sunday April 22, 2012 EDT
welcome back +play Rowdyazell 11:25 AM, Wednesday January 4, 2012 EST
requested -play -play Hero Of Time 11:37 AM, Tuesday November 8, 2011 EST
+Play +play MadHat_Sam 10:42 AM, Thursday October 27, 2011 EDT
at request needs to study this month -play Rowdyazell 11:26 PM, Sunday October 2, 2011 EDT
Time off for good behavior. +play skrumgaer 4:51 PM, Friday September 23, 2011 EDT
sorry, need to hear from skrum/BR first -play jurgen 6:06 AM, Friday September 23, 2011 EDT
If I read skrumgaer's ban comment right, he mainly wanted to free up the table. If I read that wrong, sorry skrum and please put the ban back +play jurgen 4:20 AM, Friday September 23, 2011 EDT
crawlout of game -avatar skrumgaer 3:49 PM, Thursday September 22, 2011 EDT
crawlout of game -play skrumgaer 3:47 PM, Thursday September 22, 2011 EDT
request +play MadHat_Sam 10:01 AM, Thursday May 19, 2011 EDT
-play by request -play MadHat_Sam 7:48 PM, Tuesday April 5, 2011 EDT

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XSketch is a multiplayer word sketch game played in monthly competitions. It's like Pictionary. You sketch a picture with the goal of having other players guess your word and vice versa.
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