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HaurasKorento wrote
at 10:20 AM, Wednesday May 2, 2012 EDT
Brett and I are back on every now and then, its a pity to see you haven't been here in a year! ..Let us know if you're around again...
HaurasKorento wrote
at 2:47 PM, Monday April 4, 2011 EDT
rrroll! :)
Things have turned out good, you'd be surprised.
I'm in Poland, Studying Medicine... lol
So are you ever around here anymore?
helloitssue wrote
at 2:07 PM, Thursday October 15, 2009 EDT
hey buddy i miss you are you on here anymore?
These cards suck wrote
at 11:35 PM, Saturday August 8, 2009 EDT
You know it figures. I've been on alot. and I take 1 month off and your on. LMFAO! What's the chance. Next time your on give me an you dated e-mail.
These cards suck wrote
at 10:29 PM, Sunday June 21, 2009 EDT
I lost Charlie Brown... that sum bitch ran faster than Waldo when he got out too... Hope life is good for you man.
helloitssue wrote
at 1:35 PM, Thursday April 16, 2009 EDT
LOL I just checked my posts and thanks for the congrats back in March lol for my [email protected]&#@&#&(&(& YES!!!!!!!!
helloitssue wrote
at 8:13 AM, Monday January 12, 2009 EST
hey buddy you on here anymore????????????
helloitssue wrote
at 1:42 PM, Tuesday November 18, 2008 EST
do you still play miss ya
::RaWr:: wrote
at 5:07 PM, Thursday September 4, 2008 EDT
yeah it wasn't a nice review lol cuz he likes to mess with people on here
::RaWr:: wrote
at 5:01 PM, Wednesday September 3, 2008 EDT
lol i saw the review you posted on my bf's page hahahahaha
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