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Mustang wrote
at 2:30 AM, Friday May 21, 2010 EDT
Oh no :-( Im really sad to hear this. But i can understand it, people getting dumber and dumber day by day on here. Im gonna miss you! Hope this is not the last time i talked to you. Wish u all the best! <3
dr. zoidberg 69 wrote
at 6:04 PM, Thursday May 20, 2010 EDT
Sorry for these peoples stupidity holy, thanks for trying.
player00 wrote
at 2:17 PM, Thursday May 20, 2010 EDT
Hia holy :=) how's it going?

I just wanted to tell you that this player (hextall) has two accounts:
I know because he admitted that himself and from experience hextall is a horrible player (an ***hole). I always avoid playing with him. He's either rude for no reason or pga with someone. Anyways, check his reviews :s.
player00 wrote
at 6:56 PM, Monday April 26, 2010 EDT
Nice pic :) you look really nice with black ;)
Rabid Womble wrote
at 12:01 PM, Sunday April 25, 2010 EDT
Probably best, you can have a quieter kdice life.

Although as the queen of all advisors it can't be too quiet.
Rabid Womble wrote
at 10:29 AM, Sunday April 25, 2010 EDT
No problem :) out of interest how many people have said nice pic or words to that effect? I'm guessing it's in the millions now ;)

I guess you aren't keeping count, just politely saying thank you whilst sighing :D
Rabid Womble wrote
at 5:32 PM, Friday April 23, 2010 EDT
I generally don't comment on people's pictures, because I'm sure you want to hear it. But wow that is a nice pic! I particularly like the unique sideways look.

Feel free to ban me for such a comment. (That's a joke btw, I don't want you getting super mad at me again when I ask you to unban me ;) )
player00 wrote
at 2:28 PM, Saturday March 27, 2010 EDT
Hi holy :)
can you suggest that 5k+ points are allowed to play in 100 tables...i have 5k but i don't want to play in 500 it's pga and i rarely win :'(
player00 wrote
at 8:29 AM, Wednesday March 24, 2010 EDT
Thanks =)
player00 wrote
at 9:33 AM, Tuesday March 23, 2010 EDT

hi holy,

WhiteWindow_ and alonecomplexe

how can i report them..they spam the chat....
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