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You're so Naive, yet you're so...
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Gurgi wrote
at 6:22 PM, Saturday April 23, 2011 EDT
Hails5 wrote
at 6:39 PM, Wednesday December 16, 2009 EST
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a good one!
Gurgi wrote
at 7:31 AM, Sunday September 27, 2009 EDT
O.O oh, dont mind me...Im just obsessively shadowing you
Hails5 wrote
at 3:46 AM, Saturday September 19, 2009 EDT
twilight fan???
xtobias_ragg97 wrote
at 4:25 PM, Saturday February 28, 2009 EST
first decide a topic to write about: like interviews, front page, q&a, even xsketch general
xtobias_ragg97 wrote
at 3:20 AM, Saturday February 28, 2009 EST
are you interested in an interview for the newspaper?
xtobias_ragg97 wrote
at 2:46 AM, Friday January 23, 2009 EST
you're back
xtobias_ragg97 wrote
at 1:23 AM, Sunday January 11, 2009 EST
when is you coming home?
please tell me soon
xtobias_ragg97 wrote
at 9:44 PM, Friday January 2, 2009 EST
happy new year MRSlovett
xtobias_ragg97 wrote
at 11:29 PM, Sunday December 21, 2008 EST
i'm not sure you noticed yet but a few of us are putting santa hats on our pictures
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XSketch is a multiplayer word sketch game played in monthly competitions. It's like Pictionary. You sketch a picture with the goal of having other players guess your word and vice versa.
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