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msufan1313 wrote
at 11:50 PM, Friday April 21, 2017 EDT
Someone writing on your wall for 2017 :D
Created wrote
at 1:32 AM, Sunday October 12, 2014 EDT
Someone writing on your wall for 2014. :D
msufan1313 wrote
at 10:59 PM, Tuesday April 26, 2011 EDT
hey buddy. hit me up at [email protected]
Sido wrote
at 3:49 PM, Sunday January 2, 2011 EST
Happy NewYear
msufan1313 wrote
at 2:09 AM, Wednesday November 3, 2010 EDT
JR how you been mate? Cya soon I hope
mooksool wrote
at 10:42 PM, Tuesday June 29, 2010 EDT
hey mate - send us an email and I'll chuck you some toons

[email protected]


MoonShaman wrote
at 5:56 AM, Wednesday June 16, 2010 EDT
hallo man ! next time we meet around a table prepare how to copy a link in another window (& to play while listening..) .Some good music to come! you k always with me ! bye
panties wrote
at 6:46 AM, Wednesday May 12, 2010 EDT
sorry poppet, missed ya. hope all is very good for ye mister.
suzyqinky wrote
at 11:32 AM, Monday March 29, 2010 EDT
Hi JR enjoyed playing with you the other nite. Glad to have you as my new friend. See you in the games!
msufan1313 wrote
at 1:28 AM, Wednesday February 10, 2010 EST
Hey JR, haven't seen ya in a while. Just wondered how the air show was. Hope all is well bud!
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