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Count Choculitis?? Why did you write that down Jim? Is it because you know I love Count Chocula?
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Recognized on 6:10 PM, Monday February 1, 2010 EST by These cards suck
I love this user. She is full of love and always puts a smile on my face and other users. She helps watch out for the website even when there might not be a moderator around. She deserves this and should have had it a long time ago.

:) Congrats Beth :)

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hello @BawChickaWowWow was spaming the chat box and the anwser box with giberish and I cannot find anywhere to report it so if theres anything you can do to help that would be helpful.
Christopher Fox on Saturday August 13, 2011
Beth is so nice and ROARs all the time, which suits me just fine, since I like RAWRing as well. It's like I RAWR and she ROARs, and then we both RAWWWRRRR!!! It's fun RAWRing with the RoaringLamb.
superwiseman on Saturday April 24, 2010
RoaringLamb is friends with everyone and everyone loves her! She's one of the core people in the community of regulars that keeps people coming back to sketch and chat. Don't you already know that??!!?!!
LiquidLucid on Friday February 12, 2010
My pet cat that scratch my scratch post. She's fun. wacky and...FUN =p Always crack me up with her jokesXD love you beth!
sa|ch| on Wednesday May 27, 2009
Lamb is smart, sweet, kind, funny... I could go on but I would wear out my keyboard typing nice things to say about her and then how would I play Xsketch =) It's always a pleasure to have her at the table :)
TayBren13 on Thursday May 21, 2009
TO MY PARENTS You love me, So you think this gives you rights To mold my life like yours. But this can never be. I must be free, I must be me! I know I'll make mistakes, And whimper in my sleep. For all things you as parents Wish you could prevent And yet I'm not your pet. You cannot teach me tricks to come at your command, Or always lead me by the paw or hand. To win or fail, I alone must blaze my sometimes lonely, Sometimes hurting trail. ~Sef Tritt ... age 14~
sanaaya on Tuesday May 5, 2009
Sweet as sugar. I love her to death. :]
holyharlequin on Sunday April 26, 2009
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