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Pineapples Are Blue! :)
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africafreak67 wrote
at 3:57 PM, Saturday November 19, 2011 EST
Thanks :D hahaha i look weird though :D cuz...my hair was all over the place at the time :D ahahaha but thanks Madcat :D HOWDY TAY :D <3 Nemo....idk :(
senilefelines wrote
at 3:15 PM, Friday November 11, 2011 EST
Miss you around sketch and also, love the new pic!!! <3
TayBren13 wrote
at 6:11 PM, Tuesday October 25, 2011 EDT
Howdy AF <3
Nemokhan wrote
at 2:33 AM, Monday October 24, 2011 EDT
where was the declaration of independence signed?

at the bottom :P
Nemokhan wrote
at 2:30 AM, Monday October 24, 2011 EDT
haven't seen you in a while, Africa. come back; i miss you!

sittin' here on Africa's wall,
nothing much to write at all
but i'll still take some time to say
something i hope will brighten her day.
africafreak67 wrote
at 9:48 PM, Saturday October 15, 2011 EDT
Justin Trombly wrote
at 9:35 PM, Saturday October 15, 2011 EDT
africafreak67 wrote
at 8:16 PM, Friday October 14, 2011 EDT
Hello Nemooo and Nuthinnn Muchhh :D just missin YOU!!!
Nemokhan wrote
at 7:07 PM, Tuesday October 4, 2011 EDT
harro. just dropped by to say WASSUP GRRRRRRH?
africafreak67 wrote
at 9:57 AM, Saturday October 1, 2011 EDT
Wow....good month guys :)) Gettin my Game back on this month :)) This is my 12th month!!! :)) im soooo xcited :) haahahaha PARTY!! Good Game Guyz :)
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