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WOW Wurlz! It's not as hard as it looks!
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no namer wrote
at 9:20 PM, Tuesday July 3, 2012 EDT
Purp!!! Just saying hi and I miss you. Hopefully I run into you soon <3
TayBren13 wrote
at 2:58 AM, Monday February 6, 2012 EST
Looks like that 25th position is in the bag for this month. Woot!
kellykellymoore wrote
at 9:32 AM, Monday July 18, 2011 EDT
I would love for you to allow me to use your sand... it looks like a lovely place to do what comes naturally. If you say no, I shall have to ask the other sand people.... Mwahhh
Rage1313 wrote
at 12:27 AM, Friday July 15, 2011 EDT
YuxxyB wrote
at 9:52 AM, Saturday July 2, 2011 EDT
I didn't see you when I came back from lunch yesterday, and by now I know you're gone. I'm not having an easy time with the separation. I expect to suffer withdrawals by noon today. By tomorrow I'll be havin' the chills. By Tuesday I'll be a trembling mess with a ciggy hangin' off the edge of my lips (and I don't even smoke). By Friday I'll be 10 pounds skinnier and snapping at anything with a pulse. And by next week I'll be one short breath away from an alcoholic death. Come back to me safely or else you'll be to blame for my death, mkay? I can't liveeeeee without youuu. <3 you.
Hero Of Time wrote
at 7:52 PM, Thursday June 30, 2011 EDT
Aw you're no asshats :P But that you, that made me smile :)
bhwrice wrote
at 2:47 PM, Tuesday June 28, 2011 EDT
Brighty wrote
at 6:39 PM, Tuesday May 17, 2011 EDT
That awkward moment when theres a DIK at your door.......
YuxxyB wrote
at 12:44 PM, Friday May 13, 2011 EDT
Awww, hahaha. Then I came here to snuggle with you then :) Love yaz! *snuggle*
at 10:07 AM, Tuesday May 10, 2011 EDT
Last night I lay in bed looking up at the stars in the sky and I thought to myself, where the heck is the ceiling.

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