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sup Duck. amazing player here. great drawer and fast guesser. he was always fun to have at the tables. hope you are doing well man, stop by if you get the chance.
joeprobaseball on Saturday February 8, 2014
Ducky is always fair and honest. Great at drawing and guessing. He really is a wonderful addition to Xsketch.
TayBren13 on Wednesday July 11, 2012
Most Spectacular New Addition
lilmissmouse on Tuesday July 3, 2012
Greatest player and drawer!
Omarinho on Tuesday June 12, 2012
oh norr. i called myself shnookums it makes me happy when you draw me like a pig <3
hotmoltenlava on Tuesday May 15, 2012
As much as I appreciate SillyDuck as a player, he needs to remember: Geese > Ducks :P
Death-of-Rats on Sunday May 13, 2012
Silly Duck is a bundle of fun at the table! He is a great guesser and a wonderful addition to Xsketch =)
Bano on Friday March 9, 2012
XSketch - Pictionary Online
XSketch is a multiplayer word sketch game played in monthly competitions. It's like Pictionary. You sketch a picture with the goal of having other players guess your word and vice versa.
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