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Brighty wrote
at 9:28 AM, Monday December 15, 2014 EST
Hi guys,

Most of you won't know me if you're fairly new to this site, and for those that do, know that I love and miss you all <3

As it's my Birthday today, and because I have fond and loving memories of this site; I thought I would come back and leave a little note.

(warning, this gets emotionally sappy)

Xsketch to me, means family.

I've made many lasting friendships from this site and it was always a safe haven for me whenever I felt the world was too much. There was always a friendly face and a welcoming warm environment for me to come "home" to.

I don't always feel the happiest on my birthday; December and Christmas are periods of a low for me but it was the thought of past happy memories here that put a smile on my face today, which is why I took the opportunity to make a visit.

So, without making this sound like a sob story, I just have to say this - Thank you.

Thank you to everyone that ever gave me snippets into their daily lives.
Thank you for the smiles, the tears, the never ending laughter and most of all, the love; because that's what I felt here- loved.

I know it's not the site it used to be, and I miss the community on here so terribly, but if one of you happens to stumble this way and maybe even make it to the forum to read this post, I hope it brings a little smile to your face knowing you are loved.

I will never forget any of you, and one day I hope to meet you all again.

I apologize for the gush of emotion, but it can't be helped today.

Love you always,


Sinead. xxx

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chiefKeef wrote
at 3:55 PM, Tuesday December 16, 2014 EST

happy birthday
vacuum_cleaner wrote
at 8:30 PM, Friday December 19, 2014 EST
Awww. Happy belated birthday, Brighty!

I wish I was here when you were here a lot more.
brunettebarbie wrote
at 6:20 AM, Monday December 22, 2014 EST
Happy Birthday!

Gurgi wrote
at 4:24 PM, Monday December 29, 2014 EST
I just want to say

I'm outraged I got 0 results when I control F'd my name.

buaka wrote
at 7:30 PM, Thursday January 29, 2015 EST
Imagine the pleasant surprise upon the face of ol' Buaka when, upon pondering over to classic 'el sketchy-guessy' he comes across this beauty of a post.

Fantastic post from a true great of the sketch world, I hope life is treating you well Brighto - happy belated birthday.

I would like to take this opportunity extend a general Buaka to all classic members of the sketch-a-long gang.

Such pantheonic drawers / guessers as Maffers, Senile, PM325, Purple, TayBren, Cloudberry, Clarinette and so many more (you know who you are) I wouldn't know when to stop waxing my lyrics. Legends one and all!

Whatever you are up to nowadays, I hope it's going awesomely and I would hope that, in some large way, Buaka has changed your life for the better.

Brighty wrote
at 7:14 PM, Thursday March 5, 2015 EST
Damn, I knew there was something I forgot to add :P

And Buaka, I'm so glad it brought a smile to your face!!

If I could rewind time and have those days where we were all a family again, I would in a heart beat.
jansen123 wrote
at 4:54 PM, Monday April 6, 2015 EDT
Yeah fun times indeed, we lost too much glue and the community fell apart. I blame senilefelines. :P
_ _ _ wrote
at 12:50 AM, Wednesday April 15, 2015 EDT
:( Seems this place has really died. Never anyone on at all through out the day.
PojhibsFC wrote
at 6:12 PM, Tuesday April 21, 2015 EDT
Wow, this game meant a lot to you.. All the best :) Poj

BlueLineKing7 wrote
at 4:09 PM, Thursday June 11, 2015 EDT
Poj, you gotta understand... some people live for this. lol
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