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I should be working right now
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purplechick wrote
at 4:52 PM, Thursday November 18, 2010 EST
I'd say COME BAAACKK again, but i'm starting to feel redundant. Plus, it's becoming clear that either your new job is completely robbing you of your sketch time OR Shackleton has flushed you. Either way, you're missed!
purplechick wrote
at 11:12 AM, Thursday October 14, 2010 EDT
Come back. :(
purplechick wrote
at 8:20 AM, Tuesday October 12, 2010 EDT
mayaphrodite wrote
at 5:18 AM, Wednesday October 6, 2010 EDT
TayBren13 wrote
at 8:40 PM, Saturday October 2, 2010 EDT
YAY!!! BEAT!!! Congrats on that Shiny new medal. It sure looks good sitting up there :)
purplechick wrote
at 3:28 PM, Friday October 1, 2010 EDT
Congrats on a fantastic month. Hope this doesn't mean you're going to pocket your gold and scurry off to wherever you were hiding before this month. We've gotta have the beat!
MrsBrightside wrote
at 11:44 AM, Friday October 1, 2010 EDT
Wooooo go beat!
Don't worry I wasn't going to take it off you :P
Glad I kept you on your toes though ;)
It was maus btw :) who guessed :P
senilefelines wrote
at 9:37 AM, Friday October 1, 2010 EDT
Congrats on Golddddd!!!!! Yayyy!! :)
elmo89 wrote
at 7:12 AM, Friday October 1, 2010 EDT
hey beat... congrats on the gold =D
and just saying you're awesome
ok bye now
PM325 wrote
at 11:01 PM, Thursday September 30, 2010 EDT
Hey Beats! Congrats on your first serious bling. That gold will look great with your bow.
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