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Jesus Rocks!
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LionLamb wrote
at 2:06 PM, Friday December 19, 2008 EST
Lei wrote
at 6:29 AM, Wednesday October 1, 2008 EDT
Grats Lady hun, hope to see you round soon, take care of yourself and the family xxx Lei
TheCinders wrote
at 12:21 PM, Friday September 12, 2008 EDT
Get well, LL. :)
klslc1 wrote
at 7:01 AM, Tuesday September 9, 2008 EDT
We miss ya Lady!
Marice wrote
at 7:49 PM, Wednesday September 3, 2008 EDT
One of the most unboring people on xsketch!
Lei wrote
at 12:14 AM, Wednesday September 3, 2008 EDT
Lady, i heard you can get back on!! Yayy we've so missed you, hope to see you soon!! hugzzzz xxx Lei.
Marice wrote
at 7:13 PM, Monday September 1, 2008 EDT
OH NO, what a disaster. We need you!!! I need you! You need us!!! I will do what I can to try and help!!!! I got your email...
Ladylene wrote
at 6:03 PM, Monday September 1, 2008 EDT
Ok - note to self ... so you cant play xsketch anymore ..... you'll survive Lady! You've enjoyed playing and met some cool people .... you once had a life outside xsketch and you will again .... sob sob
Marice wrote
at 6:10 PM, Thursday July 17, 2008 EDT
Amen! Jesus does rock. He is the Rock.

Anyway, while I'm here...Ladylene is pretty cool too. Go Kiwi Go!!!
Jolz wrote
at 4:49 AM, Friday July 11, 2008 EDT
ok now though
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