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Love is like leaves in the fall, because some people get scared and leave when you fall.
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Look i have been playing on this game for a while and i really think i should get 1st place or 2nd place b4 i leave so... help me out
TParker on Tuesday September 15, 2009
Yo Parker! I always know you're in the room, cause then everything is all MAYAYAYAYAYAYYA! Anyway, doood you should really get a tablet, it helps so much! and you can draw amazing things with it. You should save up for one of them. I recommend buying a Bamboo by Wacom. Sooooo anywhoooo good luck on keeping your 3rd this month! WOOHOOO!!!! GO TP! You can do it!!! LOL (lots of love) xx Maya
mayaphrodite on Sunday August 30, 2009
Yo TP! Congratulations for your 3rd place! I wonder what you put in your cookies (doping substances? Lol). Thanks you so much for helping me to surpass the 75K I did not forget it :). I'm glad to be part of your friends it's a great honor. P.S. : I know you don't yell all the time, only when it's necessary or when you are in high state of hypoglycemia (ie often Lol) I am always ready to feed you and you know it: D
Clarinette on Sunday August 30, 2009
Yo Parker Yo XD It didn't take this guy long to learn the game. He has master the art of guessing draws and his draws are coming alone nicely =) He is an honest and fair player. I'm proud to call him my friend =)) Your Buddy Tay :)
TayBren13 on Monday August 10, 2009
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