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Interviewer: Now, could you describe yourself in 3 words for me? Me: Lazy
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Recognized on 5:38 PM, Wednesday November 30, 2011 EST by Hero Of Time
For being an amazing player that has shared his guessing techniques with the community helping us all with the game. Proving both a formidable opponent to the regulars and helpful teacher to those new to the game this player has made xsketch a more enjoyable game to play.
Recognized on 11:52 PM, Saturday November 12, 2011 EST by Amber Dyer
For being such an awesome sketcher, and bringing out the fun. For getting 1st multiple times and just being you! Thanks for being such an awesome person and sketcher Jan!!

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away for awhile, clearing a spot. +play PM325 11:46 AM, Sunday August 15, 2010 EDT
away for awhile, clearing a spot. -play PM325 11:46 AM, Sunday August 15, 2010 EDT

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one of the greatest competitors ive ever played against. incredibly fast guesser and a great drawer. and a great person too. it always pushed me to play hard when jansen was at the table. hope everything is going well for you man, stop by sketch sometime to play a few rounds. im sure youre still just as fast as youve always been hahah.
joeprobaseball on Saturday February 8, 2014
You are most loved
lilmissmouse on Tuesday July 3, 2012
mgrinber on Thursday December 15, 2011
can any one beer swiller take so much praise? tee hee, see u on the inside
blulyt on Wednesday October 12, 2011
One of my favourite people to play with, always making me laugh! Great "dinger"....love ya Motha Fucka Jonesssssssss!!! <3
senilefelines on Wednesday October 12, 2011
Go to the leaderboards. Look at the top 3. Jansen (+25000).
L e D on Wednesday September 28, 2011
Jan is an AMAZING player. I can't even get my mind around how great he is. His guesses are brilliant and his draws are always very clever and thought-provoking. Jan is not only an astounding player but an awesome guy. Extremely charming, he is great to talk to and hang out with, quite funny as well. It is always a pleasure to talk to Jan and sketch with him. (:
MJedRock on Monday September 19, 2011
When it comes to Xsketching... This guy is a Rock Star! One talented and superb player.
TayBren13 on Tuesday September 13, 2011
Probably studied xsketch in college. He's way too good for it to be natural. Love him to bits <3
YuxxyB on Sunday July 10, 2011
Super sexy and the best player ever, for reals.
lalalamb on Saturday April 30, 2011
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XSketch is a multiplayer word sketch game played in monthly competitions. It's like Pictionary. You sketch a picture with the goal of having other players guess your word and vice versa.
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