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Snoods wrote
at 7:20 AM, Sunday March 17, 2013 EDT
Happy st paddys day bro hope u have a cracking day cys snoods
DaddyME wrote
at 5:18 PM, Saturday September 1, 2012 EDT
thx 4 the review post. i really appreciate it. i just hope one day i get to achieve ur excellent accomplshments
jazzy15 wrote
at 9:20 AM, Monday July 2, 2012 EDT
Well done Reidy m8.....on another gold....keep it up....
DaddyME wrote
at 5:18 AM, Sunday July 1, 2012 EDT
You are an excellent p;ayer. Congratulations on a super performance.
rmartini wrote
at 2:55 AM, Sunday July 1, 2012 EDT
Congrats Reid!! Way to go bro on your 1st place finish. TC buddy and see you at the tables. Robert
reid10 wrote
at 10:59 AM, Saturday June 30, 2012 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [5d, Qd]
henkie2600 folds
idannis folds
reid10 calls
papacharlie calls
Real-Karma checks
Dealing flop: [6d, 5h, 2d]
papacharlie bets $20,000
Real-Karma calls
reid10 raises $100,000
papacharlie calls
Real-Karma calls
Dealing turn: [3d]
papacharlie checks
Real-Karma checks
reid10 bets $200,000
papacharlie calls
Real-Karma folds
Dealing river: [9c]
papacharlie checks
reid10 bets $540,000
papacharlie raises $1,998,717
reid10 calls
reid10 shows [5d, Qd] for a flush Queen high
papacharlie shows [7h, 8c] for a straight nine high
reid10 wins main pot $4,757,434
papacharlie stands up
stiffon wrote
at 4:26 PM, Sunday June 24, 2012 EDT
Reid, what you did show's what kind of person you are,a friend most people wouldn't do what you did and it's fake momey. im glad to call you a friend. maybe one day i can return favor to you. lol
reid10 wrote
at 10:57 AM, Friday June 22, 2012 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [Kh, Jh]
chuna folds
WESM folds
squadoosh calls
reid10 raises $15,000
squadoosh raises $30,000
reid10 calls
Dealing flop: [4s, 5d, 7c]
squadoosh bets $20,000
reid10 calls
Dealing turn: [3c]
squadoosh bets $20,000
reid10 raises $65,000
squadoosh calls
Dealing river: [8d]
squadoosh checks
reid10 bets $405,000
squadoosh folds
reid10 wins main pot $645,000
sammie_177 wrote
at 2:09 PM, Thursday May 17, 2012 EDT
Ha only seen ur message ;) xx
TLP wrote
at 7:05 PM, Wednesday April 18, 2012 EDT
Starting Hand
Dealing pocket cards: [6s, Kh]
TLP folds
chekira folds
linos67 raises $16,750
pekkerwood calls
davidg folds
reid10 calls
ml..... folds
Dealing flop: [2d, 9s, Jd]
reid10 bets $97,279
pekkerwood calls
Dealing turn: [3s]
Dealing river: [Ah]
reid10 shows [Qd, Qh] for a pair of Queens
linos67 shows [8h, 8d] for a pair of eights
pekkerwood shows [Jc, As] for two pair, Aces and Jacks
pekkerwood wins main pot $51,250
pekkerwood wins side pot $194,558
reid10 stands up
linos67 stands up
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