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Recognized on 9:29 AM, Thursday July 19, 2012 EDT by Hero Of Time
A superb player who mixes up ingenuity with great drawing to make the game even more interesting. This guy is an enigma sometimes which makes the feeling of guessing his draws all the better!

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Amazing player. So fun sketching with him cause his draws really make you think. Most fun I've had guessing in this game. Even though I don't necessarily get all of them right lol. Also, great guesser and great person. Hope to sketch more with ya sometime!
joeprobaseball on Wednesday February 19, 2014
He really sucks...he's got you all under his spell of thinking he draws really good. ;) He's my guy sketch bff, so I have to say he's good...whether i really believe that or not
senilefelines on Wednesday September 21, 2011
Hi Image, your draws are very confusing, but I love them. (: You are very talented.
MJedRock on Wednesday September 21, 2011
The most clever drawer in the game
Ledickface on Thursday August 18, 2011
he's duh best.
cloudberry on Tuesday August 16, 2011
egg + ammunition + igloo equals tot/alley + owl/sum
thebeatsurrender on Tuesday September 14, 2010
Egami has some brilliant draws. To guess some of them you have to be a pro like PC but I always have fun trying to figure them out =D A great player and an awesome sketcher.
TayBren13 on Thursday June 3, 2010
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