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Don't touch me, I'm a real live wire!
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PojhibsFC wrote
at 4:04 AM, Thursday March 2, 2017 EST
Yeah all good now mate. Keep in touch from time to time <3
sxdrey wrote
at 7:11 PM, Wednesday March 1, 2017 EST
Oh nvm. My fault! You probably have the right person. Had some settings on but I've fixed it now. All the best! (sorry for the double-post before, it's all confusing stuff haha).
sxdrey wrote
at 7:07 PM, Wednesday March 1, 2017 EST
You might have the wrong person mate! I've noticed there quite a few people with my name haha. Ah well, I'm sure I'll catch you round these parts anyway.
sxdrey wrote
at 7:03 PM, Wednesday March 1, 2017 EST
You might have the wrong person then! I noticed there's a lot of people with my name haha. Ah well, I'll catch you round here anyway at least.
PojhibsFC wrote
at 12:39 AM, Saturday February 25, 2017 EST
it only lets me follow you mate, doesn't have the add friend button? thanks mate, had a bit time this month and thought i'd go for it haha :)
sxdrey wrote
at 7:01 AM, Friday February 24, 2017 EST
Still haven't received it yet mate, but I'll surely accept it haha. Nice to see you back at the top of the game, but that's not new for you haha.
PojhibsFC wrote
at 11:28 PM, Tuesday February 21, 2017 EST
You're defo getting added, only add proper mates and your one <3 cheers mate, and hope all's well your end too!
sxdrey wrote
at 10:32 AM, Monday December 26, 2016 EST
Good to see you still about on xsketch mate! Hope you're doing well these holidays, you legend. Well if you're at all interested, hit me up on FB (Simon Delos Reyes).
sxdrey wrote
at 8:25 AM, Thursday November 10, 2016 EST
Always a pleasure to hear from a good lad :) (ignore the spam below). Have you got a Snapchat I can follow you on?
sxdrey wrote
at 8:19 AM, Monday May 16, 2016 EDT
Hope you've been well, mate! :)
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