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His mouth started chewing before his food even reached it.
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Recognized on 9:21 AM, Monday September 10, 2012 EDT by Hero Of Time
Maff is one of xsketch's most beloved players. He has achieved this by his kindness and witty banter in the chatbox, and his talented drawings in the game. A shining example of a player and well deserving recognition.

This player has been modded by the community

away +play Hero Of Time 1:00 PM, Tuesday February 7, 2012 EST
away -play Hero Of Time 1:00 PM, Tuesday February 7, 2012 EST
Ban lifted, avoid jammy deviance in the future." +play PM325 5:33 PM, Tuesday July 26, 2011 EDT
"Banned for playing with his face covered in raspberry jam. Unacceptable behaviour." -play PM325 5:32 PM, Tuesday July 26, 2011 EDT

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Maffers! amazing drawer! and crazy fast guesser! in general a truly great sketcher. it was always fun to play with ya and just to have you around the tables. hope you are doing well and get the chance to stop by and sketch again sometime!
joeprobaseball on Saturday February 8, 2014
More, please.
lilmissmouse on Friday November 18, 2011
Excellent drawer, and even better guesser. Another name to fear at the table. Great job foxy. Least im better at cod. x
jansen123 on Tuesday August 30, 2011
When you play sketch with Maff, you don't really worry about losing points just to see him draw. Well greeen doesn't mind, cos Maff drawings are cool.
greeen on Wednesday August 17, 2011
I like this one, I do.
EmmaBubbles on Wednesday August 17, 2011
Maff is a true artist, both in the game and in RL. A super kind and pleasant person. Always enjoy seeing him at the table. :)
TayBren13 on Sunday August 14, 2011
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