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there's fish in the sea for me to make a selection, i'd jump in if it wasn't for my ear infection
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Recognized on 3:04 AM, Monday September 3, 2012 EDT by Hero Of Time
Since Hot has joined us here at xsketch she has been an irreplaceable asset to the community. Her mannerism and attitude is a shining example for all new players to the game, as is her cheery nature. As someone who has the patients to guide and play with new players her contribution to sketchland is known by all.

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hotmoltenlava on Sunday October 5, 2014
sets trends
chiefKeef on Tuesday March 4, 2014
hot is a creepy foo. she remembers errything and never takes my advice. but she does ride a motobike which is kinda cool. well that's all i have to say... JK whenever i am bored i know i can go on sketch and talk to hot. cuz she's always on sketch. almost as much as me. when she could be out finding a guy...BUT NO. let's see what else. she's rich. she can buy two cars if she wanted. she is overly interested in animal sex. she takes too long to poop. she rarely showers. she can't beat me in one guess. she's a cat. prolly a ceiling one. there's much more but i feel like you get the picture. anyway here's the most important thing: lying down shower sex. that sums it all up. jk. but fo real. this foo is my homie and she's pretty awesome. so yeah. also to anyone reading this, buy joes diapers. two for one sale. if you have any questions, just ask.
joeprobaseball on Saturday February 8, 2014
eTristan8 on Sunday January 13, 2013
A delight to be around and an awesome sketcher! =D
dawler on Thursday December 27, 2012
She's hot, she's molten and she's lava... :D :D :D Also she's a bit crazzzaayy...and also loads of fun to play with... and also a fellow Indian(Jai Hind!)....and also a great person...and also really cool...and also makes me laugh... and also.... and also.... and also...................................
April_Angel on Monday June 11, 2012
you be mah smexy buns and i love sketching with you :D
SillyDuck on Saturday June 9, 2012
<3 :D
mislavzg on Saturday April 14, 2012
I would have married hottie if she were a guy!!!! a brilliant fantastic friend and I can vouch she'd make a fab wife!!!lol I love this girl to bits and she is a warm, friendly kind amazing doll!!!! So prospective men out there??? Marrry herrrrrrrrr
DeepaRajan on Thursday March 8, 2012
K8Dice on Monday March 5, 2012
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