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Celtic Frost Gir

Taken By Force
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Max E Pad wrote
at 7:59 PM, Sunday January 6, 2013 EST
Mike Hokitches wrote
at 2:20 PM, Tuesday January 1, 2013 EST
4 for 4, nice and congrats! :)
bRock7 wrote
at 2:59 AM, Tuesday January 1, 2013 EST
new baby girl and everything seems okay so far thanks!!!
Mike Hokitches wrote
at 12:45 AM, Thursday December 6, 2012 EST
lol hon i just noticed u posted on ur own wall to me
Mike Hokitches wrote
at 12:42 AM, Thursday December 6, 2012 EST
i need to make a correction to that joke i told u b4 u tell it to cap'n thor. the punch line should be "u think YOUR thor, im tho thor i can hardly thit and pith!!!!!!!! lol
Celtic Frost Gir wrote
at 1:25 PM, Wednesday December 5, 2012 EST
hahaha thx Mike, you are always nice to me. Gl ;)
Mike Hokitches wrote
at 5:53 PM, Sunday December 2, 2012 EST
very nice hon. only playing 3 months and medal each month wish i could afford to get u on poker tour lol. would be a great bet :)
Max E Pad wrote
at 8:30 PM, Friday November 9, 2012 EST

This was sent by my little hippie daughter, Chelsey :-)
Mike Hokitches wrote
at 12:13 AM, Friday November 2, 2012 EDT
hey u 2 months and 2 medals, you are amazzzzzzing
luv ya
Max E Pad wrote
at 10:55 PM, Monday October 22, 2012 EDT
Hope you're feeling better :-)

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