What should change in July?
Ryan wrote
at 1:39 PM, Tuesday July 1, 2014 EDT
In June the following changes were made:

- Player stands up if they're away for 3+ rounds
- [bug] Players with same IP address should not be allowed to sit at the same table together
- [bug] Twitter login not working

I tracked the sugestions in the June thread on the trello board under "xksetch inbox":

What's the most important item on this list (or not on the list) that I should focus on?

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greeen wrote
at 9:14 AM, Thursday July 3, 2014 EDT
-A colour filter

Marice wrote
at 3:49 PM, Thursday July 3, 2014 EDT
I like Barbies list :-)

and the higher points table option

And can you give me more hours in the day and a parallel life so I have time to play sketch and do real life stuff at the same time...that would be really helpful ;-)
Gurgi wrote
at 4:19 PM, Thursday July 3, 2014 EDT

everything else
brunettebarbie wrote
at 7:39 AM, Friday July 4, 2014 EDT
32) to prevent warn button abuse wars: give Mods the opportunity to see who was warning.
Gurgi wrote
at 1:37 PM, Friday July 4, 2014 EDT
achievement badges
--To get one of these badges one must achieve every task within each difficulty subgroup.

Easy (introduction)
-Change tables
-Use every color in one drawing.
-Get a medal.
-Change your avatar


-over 100% Accurate Guessing for the month (at least 20 guesses)
-100% accurate sketching
-Get a medal top 25 medal

-Most Winning Sketches
-Most Winning Guesses
-Get a top 3 medal (with most winning sketches and guesses this should come naturally)
-get level 40

-get 200k points in one month or Reach level 100
brunettebarbie wrote
at 3:49 PM, Friday July 4, 2014 EDT
Thank you very much, Gurgi, for your badge- suggestions!

Those are great to start with and we can always add more...
Khallaria wrote
at 3:36 PM, Saturday July 5, 2014 EDT
Fix the issue with old accounts/longstanding accounts and gifs not being uploadable (regardless of filesize or resolution/pixelcount. After trying it on 4 separate browsers and 2 operating systems.
And opening a separate account I have confirmed the issue is specific to the accounts with a LOT of medals attached to them. As gifs work with the two accounts I made to test this and i set all site options identical it can't be said it's my settings/browsers/or operating system that is at issue. If you can't figure out where the code issue is you might try making the display of our excessive amount of medals an option so that we can turn them off.
_ _ _ wrote
at 12:53 PM, Wednesday July 9, 2014 EDT
Don't know if it is already in affect or not, but how about having person who guessed the word not being allowed to chat in chat box, so that they don't give away the answer. Or having it so that people can't chat the answer in the chat box.
@alexiadawn2 wrote
at 8:11 PM, Sunday July 13, 2014 EDT
I have a major issue with players with the same IP not being able to sit at the same table. I don't see how it prevents cheating at all. Friends can be playing together on different IPs but using Skype meaning they can give each other the answer anyways. Banning same IPs just means that I don't don't get to play with my boyfriend and our friends because we live together.
Not fun in the slightest and just makes me not play the game at all.
lizekstra wrote
at 8:54 AM, Sunday July 27, 2014 EDT
Hello everyone. First of all thank you moderators, you are really hands on and doing a great job staying on top of things.
My recommendation is a new feature that will give fair players (who would like to volunteer for) the capability to report wrong doers by clicking their avatar. For players like us, it is not always possible to remember the nicknames of wrong doers. Even if we do remember the nicknames it is not a quick process to go report them and in many cases the time that it takes costs the quality of the environment. I believe this would ease up the work load on the mods to a great extent. Thank you for considering.
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