What should change in July?
Ryan wrote
at 1:39 PM, Tuesday July 1, 2014 EDT
In June the following changes were made:

- Player stands up if they're away for 3+ rounds
- [bug] Players with same IP address should not be allowed to sit at the same table together
- [bug] Twitter login not working

I tracked the sugestions in the June thread on the trello board under "xksetch inbox":

What's the most important item on this list (or not on the list) that I should focus on?

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_ _ _ wrote
at 1:58 PM, Thursday July 31, 2014 EDT
I agree with the above..but that is pretty much being a mod
Troy11 wrote
at 4:03 PM, Tuesday September 2, 2014 EDT
here are my thoughts

. The high stakes table sounds really cool, probably wouldn't use it myself

.the addition of a brown and pink would be nice

.Bugs fixes

.more time to draw phrases and difficult words

.Custom tables could be very fun, though I think only certain folks should have such a privilege. Jurgens idea sounded cool too, but it would probably be a little hard to make , I think it would award more points to good drawers, who should be the ones winning anyways
whimsical wrote
at 5:31 AM, Wednesday November 5, 2014 EST
i don't know if there's an eraser but there should be one!
brunettebarbie wrote
at 4:15 PM, Thursday June 11, 2015 EDT
BlueLineKing7: we need a update in which if a person sits by themself.. they can practice drawing
Ryan wrote
at 8:21 AM, Thursday June 18, 2015 EDT
nice idea
PojhibsFC wrote
at 10:54 AM, Wednesday June 24, 2015 EDT
I think we should get steak and chips delivered to us every tuesday.
lilmissmouse wrote
at 10:13 PM, Saturday June 27, 2015 EDT
lilmissmouse wrote
at 10:15 PM, Saturday June 27, 2015 EDT
I don't know anything about computers, so this is probably not something you can fix, but I use a macbook with a tracpad and several times a session, somehow I will trigger the 'right click' feature accidentally (a popup next to my cursor asks if i want to save as or some other things) and when I click away from this, the pen will not stop drawing until I refresh. Maddening.
sa|ch| wrote
at 7:20 AM, Saturday April 29, 2017 EDT
Ryan reminds me of my boss.
sa|ch| wrote
at 7:25 AM, Saturday April 29, 2017 EDT
Also, sketch for mobile.

Make it happen Ryan.
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