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Recognized on 7:00 PM, Friday January 2, 2009 EST by Lei
Awarded for constantly helping new players understand the game, and promoting peace and friendliness within the community.

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Gurgi on Wednesday July 7, 2010
i miss moonmonster on here
quickcut on Monday April 13, 2009
Themoonmonster is an awesome friend of all (including me). Although I do not see him regularly anymore, I have always thought of him as witty and humourous. Moon brings a new spirit to sketch which can only come from another planet (lol). As much as I miss you I am sure many others do too. Love ya. =)
Hails5 on Sunday April 12, 2009
Moonie is the most famous sparkling funny green monster here on crazyXsketch world... Nice and clean :) and nice to be with.... It s a pity that xsketch God didnt allow Moonsideless...as a word :( take care Moonie :)
mimi.on.line on Sunday February 8, 2009
To one of the best, and funnest players, I or xsketch has seen in a millenia!! :P This place won't be the same for me with you gone, Moonpie. :) Uh-oh, I forgot this writes over my old review. Oopsy... =o
TheCinders on Monday October 20, 2008
kellykellymoore on Wednesday October 1, 2008
wtf why doesn't xsketch work =\
Sanday on Saturday August 23, 2008
one of my favorite players. gotta go now - being nice has made me nauseous.
klslc1 on Wednesday August 20, 2008
Great player!! Makes guessing more fun by introducing themes and getting creative with his draws. Is a brilliant guesser even though he spends most of his time chatting!! Moon cheese and crackers for all :)
Minieggs on Monday July 21, 2008
XSketch - Pictionary Online
XSketch is a multiplayer word sketch game played in monthly competitions. It's like Pictionary. You sketch a picture with the goal of having other players guess your word and vice versa.
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